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Pigeon Control - Do It Yourself

Do you know why pigeon control seems complicated at the first sight? People claim that a lot of work is actually involved when on the other hand this is just not correct. The overall learning process is a little bit more complicated then you think it is, but this doesn't mean that it consumes a lot of your energy, thus making it extremely difficult. On this site we discuss issues that are closely related mostly to different ways to get rid of pigeons, how to control pigeons in the short run, long time efficiency in pigeon removal and many other interesting aspects that most of the homeowners worldwide but mostly in the USA are currently dealing with. We want to make this clear once and for all and for everybody in here. Pigeons are considered to be pest, in fact everything that contributes to house or property damage can be classified as pest; however, even if people are looking for solutions to eradicate pigeons once and for all, everyone should be very attentive when getting things done. First of all pay close attention to the methods that you will use because these are going to play an important role. We are not talking about efficiency here and the results you are going to get but about the wildlife management laws of the state you are currently living it. So this might be the first aspect to analyze when trying to manage pigeons on your own (do it yourself methods of controlling pigeons)

What really bothers most people that are looking for DIY pigeon deterrents is the real efficacy of these methods in the long run. Please don't worry about these issues. If you are doing everything right you are going to have the expected results. In each and every article on this blog we tried to answer to different questions that our visitors and readers would like to find the answer to. However, when people are closer then they think they are, they usually start messing with dangerous, strong and powerful pigeon repellents that prove to be short term solutions for the problems that they are dealing with. We recommend people to pay close attention and to study all the possible non violent methods of pigeon management and only after that go into doing things on their own. This doesn't mean that we underestimate your potential of learning to do things fast. This is wrong. We just want to make sure that you don't mess things around like all the beginners that are looking for pigeon elimination options are doing. Killing pest birds, in this case pigeons, is wrong. You have to find other methods.

There is no magic bullet when dealing with pigeon extermination. It is obvious that something like this won't simply happen overnight till you gain enough skill and experience and learn how to do it with maximum efficiency, less work and optimize the results that you get in order to be able to help those around you either with some kind of advice, either with direct help. Anyway, it is important to concentrate all your efforts in learning how to properly do things and then try to find the best ways to kill pigeons for example (even if we are totally against violent methods of pigeon control). If you have been reading the articles and information that we tend to publish on this site from time to time you already know that we try to promote safe techniques that are going to keep you away from trouble and of course bad karma. A lot of homeowners just ignore these rules and sometimes stumble upon extremely dangerous things in their life. This is due to the fact that sooner or later it is just going to get in the wrong direction. If you plant good things you are going to get them back. Don't expect miracles to happen without your attribution.

If you are on of those first day followers of our blog you probably realize that most of the people in here know why they are here. Some of the information that is being shared in here is totally unique and you must just stick to what you learn and try to obtain the best results from this. We always talked about various strong pigeon repellents that might help you get rid of all the pigeon issues that a certain homeowner could deal with in the long run. Something like this is not accepted by most of the pest control companies out there and if you were attentive you already know why. These folks want to profit from what they are doing. They don't give information and provide their services for free. Now imagine if their clients wouldn't have a need they might simply lose their business in one single night. That's why we talk about how unprofitable is to offer citizens and certain individuals long term solutions for their pest pigeon management needs. Some things in this world never change. However, if you are smart enough you just have to make sure that you learn from everything that happens to you.

We have to admit that using pigeon repellent isn't that bad if you are the person that has the patience to read the instruction, to search for some testimonials and reviews on the internet and only after that try to incorporate things that tend to keep you rolling. Add your twist, experiment a little bit and you are good to go. Remember not to use strong repellents in a large dose when doing it for the first time because it can easily affect all the other living beings including plants around your house. It's definitely hard to choose the right repellent to get rid of pigeons. There are simply thousands on the pest control market today. Every company that mass produces them claims that their latest one is the best and that it simply makes no sense to purchase from those companies that are in direct competition with them. So how does a beginner act like in such a case? Is it something that people should worry about? Is it really necessary to start purchasing repellent after repellent just in order what will stick and suit you better for all your do it yourself pigeon control needs? Well, there must be a way out of this and we are about to share what you have to do in such a case.

Fortunately, you are one of those millions of users and humans world wide that knows what internet is, how to use it to look for different kind of information. Now, when you have a similar need you are more than welcome to use the services provided by most search engines companies and just query what you are looking for. Even if you stumble upon results from different large stores like Amazon it is still fine because you'll manage to read reviews and recommendations, suggestions and comments from people that bough that particular product (in this case a pigeon repellent) and that wanted to share their honest opinion with the rest of the world. Well, if you know what we are talking about here than you might already get the idea that honesty on the web is something that we not always see everyday. That's why one has to be very skeptical when reading a product review, especially if this is something truly positive, more often sounding like a sales pitch. We recommend people to read at least ten or twenty good reviews and description of different products before deciding to acquire something.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are obliged to admit: "We love pigeon spikes!" This is probably the greatest and the most optimal way to get rid of pigeons that was ever invented by humans. Installing spikes is no big deal at all. Just follow the indications and the suggestions that you are going to get in the instruction and you'll be fine. In our opinion pidgeon spikes represent the ultimate pigeon deterrent no because it just stands out as a good and extremely hard to defeat barrier but because it really makes the different between what you are doing. It is safe, spikes are basically transparent and one can hardly notice them from the ground. Most pigeon spikes are quite cheap so you don't have to waste a lot of money on that. At the same time it is important to get the main idea about spikes: NON VIOLENT METHOD. Yes, that's positively true. One has to understand that in most of the cases it is what you get. Pigeons are not directly affected, exterminated, killed or assaulted by spikes so you have the opportunity to indirectly force them to land on trees instead of your roof, windows and attic.

There probably hasn't been one single post on this site where we haven't at least mentioned something about pigeon spikes. If you are new (a beginner) than you might have the chance to wonder what the heck is going on here. Why do the authors of this blog really pay so much attention to these spikes. After all nothing special is related to them - just some spikes that keep pigeons away. Nevertheless, in comparison with all the other tools and devices that most of the citizens, homeowners and building owners use spikes are simply perfect. Nothing more to be said here because all we are going to do is just repeat everything that has been claimed, mentioned and revealed so far. Don't be lazy and read the articles published on this blog from the very beginning. This is least you can do at the given moment. Just take your time (you might also take a deep breath) and proof read all the older articles, from January 2009 till this day. We are sure that you folks are going to stumble upon things that you never thought about before. It is compulsory if you are looking for cheap pigeon control methods that can be done by oneself at home.

When talking about do it yourself pigeon pest control it's also necessary to mention something about pigeon extermination and get rid of all the wrong ideas related to this concept. Exterminating something means brutally getting rid of it without taking into consideration the consequences. However, when you are running some kind of pest control inspection you have to think about the secondary effects otherwise you are doomed to take upon yourself everything that will come in the long run. We always tried to stay the heck away from violent bird control, therefore offering only humane pigeon control solutions for your ultimate needs. Something like this might be very hard to understand at the very beginning but believe it or not it's very important not to get rid of pigeons just for the sake of removing them once and for all. It has to be done extremely attentively and a lot of things are and need to be analyzed and taken into consideration.

We always recommend people to use plastic pigeon spikes and not because we are pretty good at using such type of physical barriers for keeping pigeons at a certain distance but because platic spikes for getting rid of pigeons are extremely effective (either in the short or in the long run). If you are new to these types of pigeon pest control ideas we recommend you to read our post dedicated to pidgeon spikes where you'll learn probably a lot of new and interesting ideas. One has to acknowledge that things change in this life and so do the techniques and methods that can be used to get something done. In terms of pigeon pest control, it is what it is and you have to always pay attention to the new inventions that are appearing on the market and it doesn't matter if you are a professional pest exterminator or just looking to get rid of pigeons from your property or any type of solution and help that will offer you the possibility to keep pigeons from landing on your roof and in your attic and roosting. Even though it might sound funny to those that have never experienced these issues it still remains an important problem and people should pay more attention to it.

A lot of new people that experience the pigeon problems always seek fast solutions to get rid of them. They don't want to dedicate at least one hour and to read something that might change the way they generally see pigeons and other feathered beings as pest. Do not let yourself be intrigued by killing pigeons becase this is not the way to do it. We have researched a lot of pigeon shooting related websites and would like to say that we are not impressed at all of what we have seen there. Can you folks imagine that people are actually advertising and showing what kind of rifles and guns most of the homeowners that don't have mercy use to get rid of pigeons? This is awful in our opinion and since this blog deals only with natural and humane methods of pigeon control this is what we are going to write, talk and promote about in the near future. If you wonder how to kill pigeons that this blog is not for you because we designed it to be for those that would like to put some work, sweat and dedication and manage to eliminate the pigeon problem while using totally safe methods.

Brutally eradicating pigeons means that you are lazy and that you simply don't want to pay any kind of attention to the consequences that might occur in the long run. Any humane pigeon removal technique is fine as long as it is really humane and doesn't need any dangerous strong repellents in order to push pigeons away from landing on or near your roof. Their roosting process is terrible and most of the people that had the opportunity (unfortunatelly) do deal with something like this know what we are talking about. There is nothing you can do to change the way pigeons act in this life. This is the way they live, this is the way they exist. On the other hand, changing some of the surroundings around your house is going to help you achieve that special results with no pigeons present near your living place. We tested a lot of methods in the long run and would like to say that the pest control industry is facing some kind of difficult problems to convince homeowners about the safety and the security of a certain method that they are about to use while helping them to get rid of the flying pest pigeons.

Pigeon removal shouldn't be done in a hurry. Before anything else, like when dealing with any kind of other pest, a professional pest inspection (pigeon control inspection) is necessary. You can either do it yourself or you can easily hire a contractor from any pest control company out there that is going to show you what a homeowner must look attentively at when running something similar. If you want others to do it you can still watch from behind and learn how it is done. Afterwards you can do the same inspection for pigeon problems yourself even in the future, without being obliged to pay anyone else. Just learn and see all the things that we are talking about on this blog like small time investments in your knowledge, experience, skills. Removing pigeons means getting rid of them. We urge our new visitors, readers and subscribers to start doing what should a beginner do. Pay attention to the basics, read as much as you can and learn things if you have found all of them compiled in one single place on the web. This is our most important recommendation for today.

Even though the majority of fresh/new homeowners that just bough or acquired a house have no idea how to work on different home improvement issues around their house there are still some attentive folks that managed to implement those methods based on the tips and tricks that we talk about on this site and had stumbled upon the success of finally getting rid of pigeons after the very first attempt. It is something that most of you should try, even if you don't manage to get the same results. Don't be obssesed by the idea that you don't know what you are doing. This is something that has to be tested in thousands different ways before you can notice someting moving on. It all depends on the circumstances and the surrounding environment. Getting rid of pigeon droppings is usually done by simply cleaning the dirt after them, which is a simple methods that might be categorized in the natural pigeon pest control field.

Have you ever heard about pigeon traps? Well, these are used to catch pigeons either because you just want to use them for your own purposes or you want to collect them for selling (yep there are plenty of people that do business with pigeons either by getting rid of them or just selling to different companies). Using traps to catch homing pigeons is something extremely nice. One must incorporate the use of traps for this or her activity without causing any harm to these bird. Even though the usage of pigeon traps cannot be considered a full time pest control method it is still something that is worth to talk about when the discussion is led by the do it yourself pigeon control idea. Many of you have asked in the past about traps that might be used to trap pigeons and after catching them just release them away after driving them in the car for a long period of time and distance. Yes, we understand that you are concerned about using traps and it's time to set some things straight here.

When talking about using pigeons traps to get rid of our feathered friends we actually mean to catch them. Pigeons and other pest birds that you have probably already heard of do not live individualy. Most of these birds exist in huge flocks. Now just try and imagine for a single second that in order to get rid of pigeons with the help of traps you have to catch all the pigeons in a certain flock that consider roosting and nesting around your house something extremely nice. Therefore the effort is just not worth the results. In such a case you should ask for the real purpose of pigeon traps before acquiring them in your local pest control store (it might also be your city hardware store). Do not be deceived by the idea that you can use the trapping of pigeons as a reliable pigeon control methods. This is something that won't bring any results in and you'll give up sooner then you expected. Trapping pigeons is just not for use those who are interested in simply keeping pigeons away from landing and causing damage to our houses and attics.

A good pigeon deterrent is a detterrent that works (read is efficient). We are not trying to sell people and all those that really have a need something that simply won't offer them the expected results. It's necessary to understand the fact that we are only concerned about helping people achieve their goals using the methods of pigeon pest control that we have been talking about on this site for such a long time. Shooting pigeons for example is not an option that you must take into consideration. It is violent and as we stated for aproximately a few hundred times in order for our readers to not get the wrong idea - we are totally against brutal, violent and aggresive methods of pigeon control. It is something that has to be totally ignored if someone is looking for real ways and opporunities to live without the extreme day by day concern that it's necessary to wake up early in the morning, take the sweep and just start cleaning the pigeon droppings from your roof and seeing what else has happend in in your attic overnight. With the aid and support of a good pigeon dettterent you can easily forget about these time consuming issues and afford to sleep a few hours more in the morning.

Some people don't want to admit it but we have to state that one of the most unpleasant, smelly and really ugly problem related to pest birds is their droppings (yep - pigeon droppings folks). You cannot live near them, you cannot afford to clean them everyday. Not a long time ago professionals did a very good and quality experiment related to feces that we have to deal with because of pigeons, especially in big cities like London, New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Miami, etc, etc, etc. Pigeon debris cleaning companies are earning a lot and basically their business is based on the simply fact that pest birds cause dirt and their droppings are unfortunately situated on the first place. Scientists also claim that these feces can be a perfect medium for spreading different viruses related to certain diseases and all kind of micro beings that can pass to humans and infect them. While this might sound a little bit dangerous, we recommend our readers to maintain a calm state of mind and don't take all the issues that are being talked about and analyzed directly. It doesn't worth it.

So - waking up each and every day with the unpleasant though in your mind that the next thing you have to do is cleaning pigeon droppings is something that you have to forget about. Just concentrate on trying to eliminate their presence from where they are situated at the moment (your attic, roof, windows, etc) and you are going to simultaneously get rid of their droppings, feces, debris or call it whatever you like too.

To be continued...

Bless you all,
Lora Ricardo
Pigeon Pest Control for Beginners

Pigeon Proofing

Did you ever think about the real significance of pigeon proofing when trying to get rid of pigeons for good? Any bird control management process requires a certain time frame. Patience is also necessary. You have to understand and get through the method that you are about to use. Special inspectors from wildlife control companies might be assigned to perform a special inspection of your house and look for things that make pigeons choose your attic and your neighbor's. Plenty of other different issues are to be discussed here and in case you hire professionals to deal with your pigeon problems you have to let them do their work as they know it is better. The best proofing of pigeons is done when you are sure that the method you are about to apply will have a certain effect, will provide the results that you are seeking for.

Never underestimate a certain way of proofing pigeons until you are sure that it doesn't work. We had the opportunity to deal with different various methods used with maximum success when exterminating pigeons but this didn't last for a very long time. We are once again talking about short term ways to keep pigeons away from your property. Those who are seeking something reliable in the long run should not try using deceptive pigeon repellents because this is not going to last longer even if you want it too. Many different options are available for pigeon proofing and management and our main goal is to let you folks know that if you are new to all this you should definitely start looking for methods that are about to teach you and you are about to learn from them non violent methods of pigeon eradication and control.

We already see your faces while the majority of you ask how is possible to proof pigeons without simply making them dissapear by... you know ... killing them? Using strong and toxic pigeon repellents? Trying to catch them by hunting all of them down and many other cruel solutions for problem birds. While these above specified methods are extremely efficient you don't need them. We said it before and we are about to repeat it once again. You have to make sure that you don't harm birds when trying to get rid of them. If you are smart (a smart home owner knowing how to deal with various home improvement issues, we are not talking about our general IQ level in here), the problems caused by their presence on or near your property can be easily solved using very cheap, non agressive and interesting methods that we are about to discuss about on this site.

You probably had the opportunity to hear about pigeon spikes and how these work. Either way, you aren't sure if this is the method that you want to use for your entire life. You can't simply get accustomed with the idea that actually these spikes are going to stay fixed there near your windows, walls, attics and roof. But hey, don't worry because you won't even notice them. It has been proven to be so. Most of the companies that produce pigeon spikes already know about this problem and are doing everything possible to make those spikes look much more natural and basically blend with the surrounding environment. If you want these to be quite effective not only because they represent an actual physical and impossible to penetrate barrier but also because these are inviseble to humans then it means that we made ourselves understood. This is what everyone has been looking about for a while in here - efficient pigeon spikes that blend with the medium and represent a "terrible" problem for all those existing pest birds (pigeons) in your area.

How to Proof Pigeons?

Unlike many other people out there that are just trying to promote as many efficient pigeon control methods (read products) we basically insist on things that are first of all efficient, cheap and provide some decent help in the long run. Short time results are not what we are looking for, especially when helping people and our loyal readers on this blog. Proofing pigeons shouldn't stand out as a complicated process. There are plenty of methods that one can use to obtain good results. However, sometimes it is just as efficient to think about (yes once again folks) spikes for pigeon extermination as the ultimate options against pigeons. Please don't think that if we always tend to use the syntagm "anti pigeon" we are totally against them from all possible view points. We just realize, acknowledge and understand that sometimes it is just a matter of time and luck.

We had a lot of readers in the past (before we started this blog we used to publish pigeon control help articles for different directories and guest articles for different famous websites) that either had or didn't have any results at all during their first attempt to proof pigeons away. It is interesting to read those so called testimonials of success and failure because most of the people out there are still doing what they have been doing and they already forget how a pigeon looks like (literaly). However, others are in a never ending fight with everything and everyone when it comes to problem or pest birds - the famous pigeons. They can't simply understand that having a positive attitude is definitely important even when solving your home improvement pest control problems. It is something that you have to pay close attention. No matter how many failures you are about to experience, think positively because you'll get more pigeon control experience.

Pigeon proofing is nothing more or less than trying to get rid of pigeons. Now you have a few good techniques of pigeon removal that can be easily implemented without much knowledge because everything you need was, is and will be exposed, totally for free, on this blog. You can still use many different products that are intesively promoted by all those out there trying to make a buck and indirectly force you try the latest discoveries. However, there is a certain type of naked truth that states that most of the things that an individual (in this case a honest homeowner) can take advantage off are free. Just like the information provided at U.S Environmental Protection Agency - great quality content and articles, everything that one wants to know is at their disposal, without charging a penny. So what's the point of asking monies from you guys if all this kind of information was reached by us also for free? Absolutely no point. The proofing of pigeons and other trouble bringing birds can be done without wasting a lot of time and money (energy maybe yes).

Is Pigeon Proofing a Reliable Solution?

We would like to make this clear once and for all. You cannot claim that there is only one certain method that provides the best results ever in terms of pigeon control. Even the brutal and non human methods like the eradication of pigeons that we talked about so many times before seems to no bring the expected efficiency everytime you want it. So if you are one of those people that believe that pigeon proofing is a secret methods than you are wrong. It refers to the methods and techniques that can be used by a citizen, a certain individual or just a homeowner or even a professional pest contractor in order to get rid of pigeons. So when someone is checking of pigeon proofing is a reliable solution than have to say yeah it is - in case you know what you are doing. Otherwise it is just a waste of your precious time. Nothing more, nothing less.

At Pigeon Pest Controls for Beginners (this site) we want to provide quality first of all. People are looking for how to get rid of pigeons, they want to know more about non toxic and less dangerous pigeon control solutions. We are here to help, we are here to offer what everyone has been looking for such a long time now. Having a resource that explains everything from A to Z (and that's all the stuff, techniques and methods related to pigeon control) was something that we have been looking for when we had to deal with certain pigeon removal issues. We had to compile a lot of information from hundreds of resources in order to understand what methods really work and what do not provide at least what their creators claim to. So when talking about pigeon control - just say thanks that we exist and provide such tips and secrets for you guys.

Now let's get back to pigeon proofing. As an instant reminder we would like to show you people that you all should start thinking out side of the box, otherwise you are simply doomed to follow the mistakes of others. Roosting pigeons represent a big problem for the most homeowners out there and everyone is definitely going to look for ways to get rid of them, first of all because of the dirt they produce. It is something inevitable.

Is there a way to get rid of pigeons fast? Yep but you need skills!

Is pigeon proofing efficiently as a long term solution? It depends on the method you use! Pigeon proofing is not a method itself!

Whom should I contact in case I don't want to get rid of problem birds on my own? Pigeon exterminators baby...

Once again - have mercy when dealing with pigeons and good luck in your proofing efforts :)

Bless you all,
Lora Ricardo
Pigeon Pest Control for Beginners

Pigeon Eradication

Our main goal on this pigeon pest management blog is to show people various pigeon control methods that are going to help them in the long run. It is not always necessary to use force in order to get rid of birds. This is another idea that we have been intensively promoting on this site. Today is the day when you folks have the right to learn something new (at least a new approach) towards the concept of pigeon eradication. You have to be sneaky in what you do, especially when seeking truly efficient ways to put a deadly end to most of the problems caused by pigeons. You have to make sure that you read attentively everything that we write on this site. First of all we are doing it for free and secondly we would like to share as much information with those people that really have a serious bird infestation problem and are currently looking for solutions to get rid of it.

When someone is thinking about eradicating pigeons it is obviously that they want to get it done using different dangerous pigeon repellents and in our opinion this is a "no, no!". Getting rid of pigeons with the help of toxic substances is primitive from our point of view. Today one has the chance to get along with real specialists that are going to give you a hand, in exchange for a little part of your current wealth, in order to get rid of them and of all the pigeon damage that they cause. It is obvious that no matter what others think you can still manage to achieve results if you play by the rules of the game, if you are really attentive and if you use non violent methods of pigeon extermination. To eradicate pigeons could also mean to kill them, standing for to get rid of them as a way to control them, meaning to keep them away at the end of the day.

Don't be led into error when you see some wildlife and bird (pigeon) control companies "screaming" (read promoting, read advertising) their latest services and products. It is just a matter of time till you actually contant them and ask what is their eradication option all about and if it is really eradicating by killing or this is just the name of the service. Something has to be done at a level where everyone understand what you try to offer. If your services are missleading that it means that you are doing something wrong. If someone is talking about pigeon eradication than let it be so because being deceptive when running a pigeon removal or simply a cleaning business can also mean putting an end to what you do from the very first day, from the very beginning.

Eradication of pest pigeons can be done in different various ways. We have talked about most of them in the first posts on this blog. So if you have some time, if you are patient we recommend that you really find some spare time and give it a try. We know quite a lot things about how to control pigeons and from time to time it just seems that you never know when something better and cooler appears. It is just the way it is and you have nothing to worry about. Just give them a try. Proof read everything you need to know and make the necessary conclusions. Here are some quick links to our older posts/articles:

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These are the the first ever published articles on our blog about how to control pigeons. We are positively sure that if you are really interested in learning something more about certain aspects of pigeon eradication then you'll find some spare time and read what we have to say. Remember, you can always share what you think in the comments below each article on this site.

It is possible to eradicate pigeons using tens and possible hundreds of methods. Anyway, let's be clear about some things here. First of all, most of them are simply crap. People mass produce these pigeon management methods just for the sake of doing it and don't actually care about their importance and effectiveness in the long run. Someone has to star testing them all and write reviews in order to protect honest homeowners from stumbling upon methods that are not so effective as everyone thinks they are. So don't just waste your time, let us waste ours. From now on we promise that we are going to share with you folks techniques of pigeon eradication that only have been proven to work and bring at least some results, either in the short or in the long run. Of course, we are always going to aim at effectiveness for the long term, but who knows, as we mentioned in our previous article about pigeon damage you can't predict if pest birds and pigeons are going to accommodate to the new toxic repellents, spikes as physical barriers and some other issues. It is simply something that you don't want to happen.

Deep in the jungle people don't need to get rid of pigeons, they only do on their lands and properties, either in the city, town, village or somewhere near the big and highly populated regions of the city where these birds tend to live, roost, build nest, "multiply" and survive the economical recession :).

A very interesting method that we forgot to mention since we first started to write about how to eradicate pigeons on this blog is ultrasonic pigeon repeller, a device that emits certain sounds at low or high frequence that are going to induce the birds a specific message which sounds like: "stay away otherwise you are going to get in big trouble". There are different ways to purchase or to acquire a similar devices. However, we recommend like always to search for options and alternatives in your local hardware store and you are going to see that sometimes it is just required and necessary to check for offers online and in many other places. Using ultra sound pigeon management tools in order to keep this birds away is a great new possibility to eradicate pigeons, not because it is simply effective, but because it is also safe for humans and for pigeons. You don't have to deal with using toxic substances like repellents so forth and so on, you don't have to understand the technology and the best approaches towards installing pigeon spikes and the most important you don't need to do get dirty with cleaning the droppings that pigeons tend to leave after they roost in your attic or roof.

Think about it, with ultrasonic pigeon controller as a method of eradication you solve so many problems with one single purchase. Nevertheless, don't think that this is the best possible method to solve the issues that you are currently dealing with. You need to know what kind of model is the best one, you need to read at least some reviews of ultra sound pigeon repellers before trying and attempting to do something on your own. But basically it worth it because it is a very interesting method and the idea is that it works without you doing a lot of work. You either use it with rechargeable or one time batteries or you just plug it in and connect to your home electricity source and run it 24/7. This tool emits quite low frequency sounds that are responsible for keeping pigeons away. You don't actually eradicate pigeons - actually killing them, you just indirectly force them to stay away from your property.

Using ultrasonic anti pigeon device as a method o eradicate pigeons you are not only free from cleaning their feces from your roof but you also have the chance to efficiently start understand what are those spots that attract these birds the most. This is not a joke and we are going to try to prove it to you. Pigeons are always attracted by something particular in or outside your house - you just basically don't know or don't want to know what it is. So you get the idea, with such methods of pigeon eradication you are free from all the hassle that is going on for ages and you can start working on the things that you really pay attention to and care about. However, don't try to test it without knowing how to install and apply it. It might also be necessary to install a few sonic pigeon sound deterrents around your house if you own a lot of territory and land.

Meanwhile, people that use falconry as a method of pigeon eradication are smiling because they simply know what they are doing, because they have already tested all the other methods that we are rambling about for such a long time and sometimes don't even manage to say everything we want to. Someone has to start seeing things more clearly by getting into things that matter more and more. Pigeon eradication doesn't mean that you are obliged to have no mercy for the pigeons and just do it with all possible means. You have to control your ideas and desires and just stick to the options that bring results. The art of falconry that we talked about for such a long time is extremely efficient but you have to know, realize and understand how it works. It is also not the cheapest either and when it comes to certain aspects you have to think if you can simply afford something like this.

Pigeon eradication is going to help in case of emergency. Trying to get rid of pigeons without following the advice that people already got themselves burned with is something that you have to pay maximum attention to. It is not always necessary to just stick to the things that others promote and talk about but it is cool to know what kind of results others have obtained by using and implementing the methods and the ideas that you were thinking about. This is what most of you should be doing while in here, on your site. Just try to read as much as possible and accumulate. After trying several techniques and manage that are going to help you control pigeons you can tell on your own and make a viable comparison between what others have to say and your own experience. Comparing things and using competition between those methods that seem extremely nice is a good way to start making the difference between what works when trying to eradicate pigeons and what doesn't and generally it nothing more than just a pure waste of time.

Please do not try to make pigeons go away using violent methods. Everything that you do is going to come back, sooner or later. That's why we simply don't recommend people doing something like this. It is absurd and we are here to prove that it works and what most of you don't understand others keep doing from different perspectives while trying to manage their own pigeons and birds. You see, we might be talking here about using pigeon spikes as the ultimate control method because it worked for us, but this doesn't mean that it work for all the people that were dealing with any kind of pigeon problems. There are different kind of issues and problems that need to be carefully analyzed and compared before some decisions are taken. Upon these decisions is your overall success in trying to get rid of pest birds based. You succeed in both cases, because even when you fail you get experience and failing is better than doing nothing and just waiting for something extremely important to happen.

So in this article about how to eradicate pigeons we revealed a new method that promises to be extremely efficient. We are talking directly about ultrasonic anti pigeon sound devices and tools to help homeowners and other people to control and manage the presence of pigeons on their lands. Sometimes it is just better do it clean and fast, while in most of the cases we just recommend trying it from a totally different point of view and that is going to be not only efficient but very educative as we always learn new things.

Knowing what pigeon eradication is all about is possible after several attempts only.

Don't be mislead by the fact that you should be a professional in order to get rid of them.

Pigeons are attracted by certain aspects of your house, find those and you are free from pest birds.

We wish you success in all your pigeon control efforts.

Never give up and a pigeon free property is going to knock at your door soon enough.

Bless you all,
Lora Ricardo
Pigeon Pest Control for Beginners

Pigeon Damage

Each time someone mentions something about pigeon control an interesting idea runs through our mind - are they loyal readers of this blog? We are allowed to consider something like this since we have probably been mentioning all the possible and existing methods to get rid of pigeons out there. However, we have to admin that most of the articles on this blog have been around the eradication of pigeons instead of doing something a little bit wise. That's why today's post is going to be about pigeon damage, what pigeon damage is, how to clean pigeon damage and the most important, how to prevent pigeon damage.

What is Pigeon Damage?

Pigeon damage is everything that is and can be considered in a straight connection with the problems created by pigeons either directly in your house or somewhere near on your property. In most of the cases, the damage created by pigeons mostly consists of their droppings and feces, that have an unbearable smell and that people always want to stay away from. This is why the professional work of cleaning their feces from roof tops and attics is quite well paid - no one ever wants to do it. It is simply disgusting. After all, the whole idea of dealing with pigeon damage is totally disgusting and we are going to talk about this a little bit deeper and further in today's article. It doesn't matter where you live; you have probably stumbled upon a lot of dirt and feces produced by problem birds on various monuments across your city, on the walls of your local church or cathedral or on many other big buildings that have nicely painted walls in bright colors. The droppings appear like someone did it on purpose, while the truth is a little bit different. Pigeons did it, but they simply don't care what you really think.

Any problems related to pigeon damage have their own special solutions that are going to help you. However, the majority of homeowners always seek answers and opportunities to solve their home improvement issues in cheap services and do it yourself methods. Please don't take this as offense, but in case you are rather old and tired you probably have a lot of free time to dedicate to the study of various methods that are going to be effective either in getting the damage provoked by pigeons solve or generally in preventing something like this in the future. On the other hand, if you are young and looking for something to save you time (because time and health are the two most valuable things in this life, frankly speaking) you must always try and hire others to do the most time consuming work for you (sure thing if you can afford it). There are many families out there that don't simply have the necessary financial income to afford contracting professionals to clean the pigeon damage aftermath from their roof or make sure that they install some kind of prevention techniques and make them work.

Trying to get rid of pigeons on your own is not the wisest thing to do if you can afford to hire professionals. If you are a long time (almost 7 months) reader of this blog you probably know that we are totally against ferocious and deadly and brutal methods of pigeon extermination. We always strive to tell people more about what they should do in order to keep it low, keep it safe and run it as efficient as possible. There are many aspects of this life that most of you folks don't want to understand. When contracting people to do a certain work in your household for you, especially dealing with the pigeon damage or just making it dissapear you have to understand that it is extremely necessary to discuss and talk about the methods and techniques that they are going to use in here. Things don't often appear as you want to them to be and sometimes, even when out sourcing this whole work to companies that provide special solutions for your need it is still very important to attentively monitor what they are doing when dealing with this type of damage and destruction on your property.

It is well known that you don't take the necessary prevention methods when talking about any sort of possible destruction caused by some kind of pest we are talking about funds wasted here (first of all). In order something like this not to happen we recommend homeowners and responsible people all over the world to start doing what they do with the help of professionals but pay a really close attention to what kind of methods and techniques are being intensively used. Sometimes, pigeon damage costs people a lot of money and you have to understand that in order to avoid that you should not wait until your house and home is affected by it. Taking action in the meanwhile is crucial in this case. That's why it doesn't really matter if you have moved to this place not a long time ago; reminder: if you spot a lot of pigeons (let the say flocks of pigeons) around you have to make sure that the next morning when you wake up you have good solutions to make them stay away because as a matter of fact you'll have to deal with these issues on a larger scale. This is how it works and this is what you should acknowledge. Prevention of damage caused by problem birds similar to pigeons and pigeons too is much more important than the actual removal of these feathered beings from your lands and aerial space around your house. One has to understand that investment in prevention can be sometimes not only cheaper but also protect you from unpleasant issues in the long run.

How to clean pigeon damage? What is cleaning pigeon damage all about?

At the beginning of this article we talked about the fact that cleaning pigeon damage is a very dirty, unpleasant, smelly and time consuming process. If you moved to a new house and suspect that either the attic, the window shelves or the roof needs a proof cleaning than guess what? You have to actually do it! Well, if you do afford to hire contractors from professional roof cleaning companies you might be alright. Please note down and take into serious consideration that it is going to cost you monies. Don't come back and start attacking us with emails saying that we didn't warn you about these things. Pigeon droppings smell awful and if you are not familiar with the things that we are about to discuss here then you probably have to start investing in discovering some more information what pigeons are, how to they live, what their breeding natural process consists of and why do they nest so publicly therefore causing a lot of damage. It is something extremely interesting and we though that this article and this day is going to be a special occasion for us to talk about these things here on this site.

So, as we mentioned before, cleaning pigeon damage and debris is something that most of the people have to deal with. It is not only necessary to start mass cleaning each time you spot any kind of dirt. We are aimed to insist more on the aspect of prevention on this blog and if you are here to solve your pigeon infestation problems, to find DIY solutions and to find something that is going to protect you from such aspects in the long run then just do it because it is more then interesting to study from people that have something to say. Nowadays, people are extremely confused when dealing with certain pigeon problems. One has to understand that no matter what really happens, it would be very wise to start acquiring and getting more knowledge before testing the waters (like they say). The same a little bit philosophical approach can be implemented when trying to get rid of pigeons and not only, when seeking solutions to clean the damage they cause and also prevent something like this to happen in the future. We are obliged to tell you that for a number or reasons most of the homeonwers that own properties (let it be simply their home or a certain building or a land with various constructions on it) are too overwhelmed by their current activities and pay too little time to pest control, which is a pity in the long run. Please stay tuned and we are going to explain why in a moment.

Take a pencil and note somwhere down that pigeon extermination is not a reliable solution for a respectable house holder. It is much wiser to start getting involved in prevention (for the future) of the problems that you are currently dealing with. Do not worry if the prevention of pigeon damage doesn't offer their fullest support in the long run. It is going to take time and time is the phenomena that makes the different between those people that deserve to know simply, easy and efficient methods of bird (especially pigeon) control and prevention approaches. Physically exterminating pigeons means that you simply kill those that got used to nest around your house. You are not solving the problem, you are just making it disspear from your mind for a limited period of time. However, what we are trying to explain people on this blog is the fact that they actually need to start working harder on achieving long time results that are going to last a longer period in the future they are seing as viable. Don't worry if this doesn't work because you'll have to try several methods till something that is suitable for your house needs claims and appears to be efficient.

How to prevent pigeon damage? Some ways of preventing pigeon damage revealed!

Preventing something from taking place or occuring means that you have to start doing things and working on them each and every day. If you want good results you have to try to do them professionally, you have to get to work, learn, study, implement and reap what you sow in the long run, at the end of the day. The same universal concepts and principles work when someone is directly or indirectly (by hiring professionals or some contractors from a certain company) deals with prevention of pigeon damage. In our opinion there is no magic bullet and there are no simple ways and straightforward solutions that are going to keep pigeons away from your property, thus solving the pigeon damages from the beginning till the end. Something like this is less probably to happen because even if the level of intellect at birds and pigeons is not like human's, these pest birds will always try to find ways to adapt, accommodate to either the physical barriers or something else that you put in their way in order to prevent their intrusion.

Preventing pigeon damage means using different deterrents and methods to keep them away is possible. Nothing special after all. Instead of looking for ways to kill pigeons when dealing with a certain bird infestation at it's fullest you have to work daily on trying new things that are going to keep the unwanted feathered and flying birds away from your house. Yes, simple as that.

Now, we are going to talk about a certain methods that you probably heard about before but never had the chance to actually look into it closer. Some of you, those constant readers of this blog might even laugh. However, we consider that it is just a matter of time till everyone understand the real significance and importance of pigeon spikes, those spikes that are going to help people not only get rid of any type of unwanted birds but also play a great role in the overall prevention issues that most people deal with nowadays. Preventing pigeon damage from happening is possible mostly with the help of different physical deterrents and barriers. If you are going to ask, don't bother, we'll say it ourselves, spikes are extremely nice, spikes are perfect, both when talking about eradication and prevention at the same time.

So take your time and make a proper decision.

Pigeon damage is not something you want to joke about.

The things that we talked about in this post can be applied carefully and the results will come.

Even if you don't succeed from your very first pigeon control attempt don't worry because you'll manage later.

Pigeon management might be considered an art if you seek solutions to do it carefully and non violently!

Bless you all,
Lora Ricardo
Pigeon Pest Control for Beginners

Pigeon Poison

When talking about pigeon pest control a lot of people consider that it's okay to kill pigeons with poison, thus searching for various different solutions and options to get rid of these birds with the help of toxic repellents. Let us tell you that it's NOT OK to kill pigeons, especially with such violent and non humane methods. We are obliged to mention, from the very beginning that we are one hundred percent against such things and we are going to make everything possible to stop people from believing that in order to get rid of pigeons one has to actually brutally kill them. There are plenty of safe methods that one can use in order to keep pigeons away from landing in certain places. In this post we are going to mention why using pigeon poison is absurd and we are also going ramble about why concentrating on other more efficient and secure methods at the same time is definitely worth being.

People want to know why pigeons are choosing their house for nesting and roosting. Something is definitely attracting them and today we are going to talk about some of the things that might seem very interesting for most pest birds, especially pigeons in this case. When pigeons roost and try to build their nest in your attic, guess what attracts them the most - your attic. The way it is build, there might also be some cracks and secret entrances that you had no clue about. That is the primary reason why pigeons might find it extremely useful to roost near your attic and therefore to start building their "house" - causing some really bad damage to your roof and house walls at the same time. While simply cleaning the roof of your house or any other building doesn't seem to be such an important thing to take care about, the process of wall washing, sweeping and cleaning is going to be a pain if you try to do it. Besides knowing how to exterminate pigeons you'll have to learn a few tricks from the alpinists for climbing walls and washing them.

However, even if this seems and looks quite difficult and a little bit of hard work at the first sight it doesn't mean that you are allowed to use more easy ways of pigeon control like using special types of toxic poison. Yes, there are plenty of repellents against pigeons out there but you have to know how to use them properly and also read the instructions before attempting to do anything stupid with them. Some of our older readers claim that there are some really nice bird repellents out there that people classify as poison. However, these are efficient because they smell like feces and droppings of bigger and pigeon eating pray birds like owls, hawks and different types of vultures. It has been scientifically proved that most birds and because we are talking about pigeons in this case we'll name them in the first place have a quite professional sense of smelling everything that surrounds them one a distance of several square kilometers. Thus, this method of using such a feces smelling type special repellent against pigeons seems to look extremely efficient at the given moment.

There are plenty of various poisons to help homeowners, citizens and all the other individuals keep certain type of pest away from their houses, apartments and properties. On the other hand, being a little bit more attentive when dealing with such issues isn't something as special as people think it is. One has to understand that no matter what the real problem is there are people who act strange because they don't seem to understand that rice doesn't actually kill pigeons and that using old fashioned ways to exterminate them has passed by a very long time ago and that some of the people have to start doing things a totally different level. Nowadays we are here trying to explain that for a certain time frame (especially at the beginning) everyone is tempted to use methods that promise fast and incredibly magic bullet results. So, let us counter attack and remind you dear ladies and gentlemen, dear visitors of this blog, that something like this doesn't happen anymore and that if you are really into doing something fast and nice you need to learn the basics first and do it step by step.

A step by step guide to pigeon removal with the help of toxic pigeon repellents or some other type of pigeon poison is a topic that we won't be discussing on this blog because it is just too cruel and we, together with my husband, consider that even though pigeons are categorized as pest there are many things that you need to learn before just getting rid of them for the sake of getting rid of them. If you are tired of their droppings on your roof call a pigeon droppings cleaning companies and make them dissapear. You can also clean those on your own if you have the available time and you are focused on doing everything on your own. By the way, remember that most do it yourself pigeon control methods bring the best results because you are not only helping yourself, your family, your house, your propery and your land to stay in a better mind state but you actually learn how to do various things on your own, using resources, tools and instruments that can be found inside your house - this is the most interesting aspects that one should know about when talking about pigeons.

It is extremely interesting to let people know that most people are seeing pigeons as extremely complicated problems to deal with. In fact, the reality is a little bit different. Pigeons are just birds, like many of the birds that you and I see on a daily basis in the parks, on the fields, in the forest and in your town. The fact that these problem birds actually commit certain things that make people feel a little bit nervous and anxious is totally another thing and today we would like to talk with you about these aspects. If the town you live in has a small cathedral then you are familar with the phenomena we are about to relate today. It seems that you have seen the walls of the cathedral or church completely devastated by the pigeon droppings, debris and feces of pigeons that tend to land on the roof and just sleep there or roost or do anything that comes into their mind. One interesting issue to take into consideration is the fact that from time to time you are going to see professional cleaning companies getting rid of the droppings of the dirt from the wall and this could happen almost each and every month. Let's end this paragraph by mentioning that this is simply extremely profitable!

Guys, these companies that deal with cleaning the dirt and all the unpleasant things caused by these problem birds and not only are not interested by all possible means in loosing that spot where they earn a constant good commision and a buck each and every month. Finding a good solution for the pigeons that are roosting and flying over that cathedral or church in the center of your town means that they have no further job to do. So a simple yet logical though might transform it into no job, no work, no monies. This is how it works. If they had used spikes for stopping pigeons land on that certain building there would have been a totally another story. The spikes that we have been talking about on this blog for such a long time actually bring in some really nice results because spikes are nothing more or less than a physical barrier that simply stops and blocks any attempt made by pigeons to land in those areas from where it is quite comfortable to do all the bad things.

Now please take your time and imagine that if most bird feces cleaning companies would have used pigeon spikes to get rid of pigeons it would have been a real pain in the back part of their body to find work in that particular city. That's why most private inspectors and all those firms and companies that are pretty responsible in a way or another for pigeon control always seek not to offer those really great and long term solutions for homeowners to take advantage of. They are always looking to keep you as their constant client and guess what - make money from you over and over again. Even if this sounds horrible and some might claim that I'm not doing anything else but ruining their business - guess what? Something like this won't happen because from our previous experience we have discovered that in most of the cases people are just too lazy to do what they have to do. Another common tendency that we spotted at individuals that try to do some pigeon pest control work from time to time is that they give up early because their first or second attempt was wrong and they failed.

It is what it is. Pigeons are birds and we are humans. We claim to be smarted but sometimes win just because we are stronger. However, being stronger is not the ultimate goal that we are looking forward. There are plenty of other quite important things that we need to pay carefull attention to especially when seeking different ways to avoid pigeons roosting on your windows, in your attics or directly on your roof. This can definitely be avoided if you are doing things like you should. Those people who have a lot of questions and comments and are wondering what method we suggest almost everytime we post something on this site are more them welcome to read the articles on this blog from the very beginning because you are going to find out a lot of interesting resources that are going to open your eyes to the things that you have to be doing a long time ago. Now let's get back to the old saying "what goes around comes around" and let's see how can we atribute that to the fact that we are talking about pigeons and how to eliminate their presence from your property or roof.

When talking about what kind of poison to use against pigeons it is obvious that you should exclude this method from the very beginning i.e not eve think about it when you are being offered such an alternative. However, if things work this way and you have no other solution to control pigeon except using some kind of substance that would force them to stay away for a certain time frame that it is all about using not to strong repellents. First of all it is dangerous to do such things from the perspective of affective the environment that is surrounding you. You have to be attentive and do things carefully. Now, if you are not sure what kind of dose you should be using you better consult with the specialist from the hardware store because the secondary effects of a miss used poison for deterring pigeons can be fatal both for you, the people that live in your house and maybe for all the pets that are currently living around your house. We don't recommend using pigeon poison unless you know what you are doing. There have been a lot of unpleasant cases and we don't want something like this to happen once more. So take your take and carefully analyze all the options that you have in order to stay away from problems.

Using poison to get rid of pest pigeons is naive and won't work. You won't stop them with something like this. You are going to need (even if you think that I'm wrong at the very beginning) something more realistic as a method for this. People need physical barriers like spikes (yes, spikes again lol) to make them land in other places than their usual and loved ones. You cannot stop pigeons using methods that you think are efficient but in reality this isn't quite so. In reality, only what works matters. This is the truth and like people love to say - it is what it is. There is no reason to worry about the fact that your first several attempts of pigeon control weren't that good as you though it is going to get. You need to become certain of the method that you try and it works and then just add your own little twists and start implementing it a larger scale, little by little without being in a hurry. So let's see what the main ideas of this post are after all:

1. It is possible to get rid of pigeons with the help of pigeon poison.
2. We don't recommend it because we don't recommend any violent ways to eradicate pigeons and killing them in general.
3. Pigeon poison is a reliable method but works only in the short run - remember that you are looking for ways to keep pigeons again for quite a longer time.
4. Stay tuned because more information and testimonials about how to use certain types of the so called repellents and poisons in order to keep it safe are coming in.
5. Good luck in your pigeon control efforts :)

Bless you all,
Lora Ricardo
Pigeon Pest Control for Beginners

Pigeon Roosting

It's time to talk a little bit more about pigeon roosting on our pigeon control site. The real problems that people are currently dealing with when talking about different problems birds deals with the overall roosting process which creates a huge problem for everyone. It is important to explain people something new, effective and without further hesitation to start revealing truly effective methods again pigeons that roost, each and every day. Those of you who are real homeowners must understand the real deal when trying to solve this type of similar problems because you might experience some serious and unpleasant issues because of the pigeon roosting when trying to sell your house or just put it on auction.

Many are still wondering how to stop pigeons from roosting. They are looking for solutions that will work, both in the long and in the short run. People are sick and tired of paying a lot of money to those contractors that in fact don't know more about how to get rid of pigeons than they do. Most pigeon problems that they are dealing with can be easily solved and overcome on your own if you have the necessary confidence to get the things going and do it on your own. These are the things that you have to start considering from time to time and we are here to prove that there is a chance for responsible homeowners to start looking at things from a different perspective and point of view. One needs to get the idea about how it works and what should one do in order to have success when dealing with pigeon control.

Some terrible secondary effects might come into place if you start dealing with pigeons that are roosting on your attic, roof or windows and immediatly apply some strong repellents without thinking about some effective but less violent techniques. Well let us tell you that these things represent human lazyness and we promise that in the near future we are going to dedicate a whole post to the fact why lazy people suffer a lot because of their lack of will to take action and do something. It is not always necessary to hire professional pigeon exterminators in order to get rid of birds. The authors of this blog probably mentioned it already one thousand times and we are going to repeat it once more. It is very important to start thinking differently and out of the box, not only when running some kind of business, but when dealing with birds on your own. It is important to start seeing things from another perspective because in the long run and at the end of the day you are going to understand the real problems and force and you are going to get the idea which works if you do it on your own.

Pigeon roosting is a serious pigeon problem for most people and citizens which live outside big cities (where high populations of pigeons currently survive by feeding themselves) because pigeons are coming all the way back to nest and roost. They need it. This is how they live, this is their natural breeding process. They have to do it because they are beings and like everything else in this life, the main idea is to develop something and leave a trail of you behind (well, while this might sound a little bit philosophical and too complicated, it is what it is). One has to acknowledge that by stumbling upon a blog like this were many different opinions regarding pigeon control and eradication are presented it is possible to learn a lot of new things and by adding a little bit of everything to form something really special that works for you. Additionally, some personal twists to these methods can provide and people claimed in the old times that this is really cool and works fine if you know what you are doing of course. People have to study more the whole concept of pigeon spikes if they want to eliminate the roost of a pigeon problem once and for all. This is pretty serious and we are going to talk about roosting issues a lot in the future. It might be done without further hesitation and this is what we wanted to tell people about. Nowadays, most pest control companies out there can promise and surely include in their services some really nice solutions especially designed to exterminate pigeons but you are not going to see some really awesome results till you get it. Remember and keep in your mind that most contractors that work for professional and quite big pest removal companies are always interested to keep you as their provide client, therefore always having the chance to charge you for small tiny things that don't mean a lot.

Stopping pigeons from roosting has to be done with a lot of peace in your mind. We have talked (as far as I remember) a lot about those people that enjoy being hunters and will always search for the proper occasion and the right reason to load their guns and kill pigeons down. Something like this is totally against the main ideas and concepts that we are talking about on this blog and it should be mentioned that one must not buy the first strong pigeon repellent that the sales man or woman offers when you enter your local hardware store. This might also be against the laws of the certain state you are living in and there are things that you have to take careful attitude about and make it happen from time to time. There are not enough pigeon solutions out there that deal with these type of birds humanely and this is the main reason why most of the people are still searching for low maintenance, fast and extremely efficient pigeon removal methods. Yes, we understand, pigeon roosting can be a real pain in your heart but this does not possible mean that you have to do everything possible to make these things without consulting professionals. Basically, this is the main reason why we decided to start writing about pigeon related problems and issues on this blog - people are too ignorant when it comes to cleaning the pigeon droppings behind birds and keeping them at a certain distance from their properties. If it was possible, most of them would simply go somewhere and hire hunters to get them down and everything would be fine at the end of the day. However, they are not taking into consideration the thing that by killing a living being you are strongly influencing the medium and the environment around you. So be very cautious when doing things like this because you might easily get burned.

Writing about different methods to get rid of pigeons especially using spikes is a pleasure for us and we are still going to continue doing it in the near future because we feel that people have to know the truth about one of the most realistic opportunities to eliminate pigeons and all the other problems related to them (including roosting) from their daily schedule. As we daily tend to write more and more about pigeon spikes we consider that people already start to realize what is really going on. Acquiring spikes and other physical deterrents again various types of birds is not always the same thing. While nets for keeping pigeons away from landing on your roof and attic for example can be quite effective if everything is done properly, something like this cannot be said about spikes. Nets for pigeon control are much more expensive than spikes in most of the cases and we suggest people to study the prices in different hardware stores not only in their local city because it might happen for the same brands making spikes to differ in price for the same products. Yes, this is the market and you have nothing you can really do about it. However, a good opportunity is to purchase these on the internet from time to time because it might happen one day that people realize that buying spikes on the internet (and not only - most of the products) is much more cheaper than doing it in the real world, in your local Wall Mart. So let's discuss about what is more important - having decent results with any possible methods or having amazing results that are going to stay as effective in the long term, however using them on the background of non violent techniques. It is extremely interesting to be able to do things safely and securely, without causing too much damage to the world surrounding you, especially to living beings like birds and in our case, pigeons. Sometimes it is very important to know what your real objectives are and to start acting wisely, without paying too much attention to what pigeon have been doing for such a long time. Just analyze the techniques and methods and approach to the one that you consider to be the most efficient for the long time. We are talking about long and effective results because we don't want to invest into pigeon extermination each and every month of week. Please remember this.

The whole pigeon roosting issue that you hear people talking about so often is something that has to be passed further without too much time on it. Yes, you woke up in the morning and realized that something happened to your attic and you started to experience a lot of things that you never thought could happen. Pigeons started to roost on your windows, in your attic and on your roof and you cannot do anything about it. Yes, but why? Well, the main reason might be the simple fact that you basically don't know anything about it and you are currently looking to do learn something more, something that is going to help achieve that level of knowledge, skill and experience when hiring other strangers and contractors from different pest control and removal companies will seem not only stupid but extremely unnecessary. To kill pigeons is absurd, don't you think so? This is what happens when you underestimate your own possibilities to achieve certain levels and do things on your own in life. After all, what the heck is there so complicated about getting rid of pigeons, eh? Well, you do a little bit of research and then just start to implement those methods that will help you to eliminate all the pigeon roost phenomena in your house. This is what you should be looking for and this is what is going to happen from the very beginning. You have to start acting properly and assume what you really want to do if you need something more. Anyway, don't miss understand us or something. We are not trying convince you to do certain things here. On the other hand, we just start to understand that in most of the situations that we are dealing with here people just want to find out, today, the ultimate pest control thing.

The general process of pigeon removal is not that complicated if you know what you are doing. The same goes when dealing with their roosting. Yes, we understand that sometimes it is extremely frustrating to do what you do but this is it and there is nothing one can do about it. At the beginning you are going to need a mentor. However, most people that are new to pigeon removal and roost elimination always have to profit from everything that they get the chance to learn about and just start acquiring more and more knowledge because at the end of the day this is going to help a lot in what you do. We might also suggest never to give up, because sooner or later you'll discover that people that have been working hard for a longer period of time enjoy better results and already forgot how pigeons smell. This is the main problem that we are going to discuss starting with today and we want to let you understand that experience is needed when you seek first of all reliable, than effective, than humane methods of eradication. You can't claim that killing pigeons is complicated at requires A LOT of experience. Yes, it's not easy to do it.

You can't stop pigeon from roosting using traps for example. This is absurd and isn't going to work. We are obliged to tell you this because there are plenty of interesting individuals out there that might accuse us or even claim that they heard about pigeon traps in this particular blog and we are guilty of their insuccess. In order for something like this not to happen we are going to mention what particular technique and method can be used to get rid of pigeons and which of them won't simply bring any results. If you need a bust in what you do you have found the right place. We won't teach you wrong things, we want to make sure that people just get the idea. Traps are most of the times for catching pigeons and there is nothing you can do with it in terms of stopping them from roosting on your window shelves, in your attic and of course on the roof of your house. Many people use traps these days for simply catching pigeons and using them for their own business. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with pigeon extermination or control at all.

Citizens of big cities (we like to call them megalopolises) will be always concerned about the fact that pigeons and other birds that overpopulate their home towns and areas can bring in some dangerous viruses and illnesses. While this has to be an idea to take into consideration, there is nothing to worry about. Just keep your hygiene as it should be and you are going to be fine. Don't go looking for pigeon deterrents like crazy just because you have heard the rumour that pigeons are infesting your property. Stay calm. Let the alarm be viable for the ones that did it! You have nothing to worry about! Absolutely. Just stick to the ideas what you learn from us and you are going to be fine. If you have some suspicions about the effectiveness of this type of information that we always have been sharing for free and still are than we'll have to start posting different thank you emails and testimonials that we tend to receive lately from people that really had some great success in stopping pigeons with the help of spikes or any other bird control methods.

Do not be worried about the so called invasions of pigeons. This is absurd. Something like this doesn't exist and if you want to really keep pigeons away from your house and learn how to do it properly than you have to get rid of all the negative thoughts about your failure. Sooner or later you'll realize that even you fall down a few times and don't get what you won't you shouldn't be sorry. This is life. We learn all our life. This is what we do. We just have to stick to what is really important and success will find out. In our opinion, being obsessed about the infestation of pigeons that is taking over the walls of your house, the walls of your business building or the roof of your barn is just naive and doesn't make any sense. Absolutely the same idea applies to pigeon roosting. If you take it easy you are going to have success, if you hurry and want fast results it might take even longer.

Another reminder for you folks today. Pigeon control is not that complicated if you understand how to to do it efficiently and wisely. Use your grey matter! More advice and ideas are coming up in the next articles on this blog.

Till then, so long!

Bless you all,
Lora Ricardo
Pigeon Pest Control for Beginners

Pigeon Infestation

Not so much time has passed since our last post on this blog about how to control pigeons, but we though that this time it's very important to talk about pigeon infestation, a problem that homeowners and building owners are currently experiencing everywhere across USA, especially in big cities. Due to the fact that this is one of the few sites that actually shares at least some kind of quality information about different problem birds and mostly pigeons and provides tips and tricks on how to get rid of them we though that there must be a post dedicated only to the infestation of pigeons. Nowadays, there are plenty of worldwide organizations that are working hard in order to make this pigeon extermination thing disappear. Before going any further let us announce you that we are not supporting the violent eradication of pigeon birds, we just want to help people eliminate them from their houses and homes without using different strong repellents or any other cruel methods.

When talking about pigeon infestation one must take into consideration the fact that it's one thing to deal with several pigeons and it's a quite big issue to talk about dealing with several hundred flocks of pigeons. In big cities like New York or London there are plenty of pigeons that are population the town, the huge megalopolis for hundred various reasons. We talked about these reasons mostly in our previous article in this blog, a very interesting post about how to stop pigeons and keep them away from your attic. However, while brand new pigeon extermination techniques and methods are promoted each and every day on TV, Radio, Newspapers and Internet, good old approaches towards keeping pigeons at a certain distance from your house's roof work at it's best. There are plenty of things that you have to understand folks and today we are going to talk about most of these methods. Stay tuned for future posts too, because as soon something new appears about pigeon pest control we are going to take the time and post something interesting or a review on this blog.

We have searched everyone on the internet using the major search engines for free tips and advice on how to overcome and what to do wieh the pigeon infestation and invasion thing. There are more then "a few" sites that are showing up while displaying important information that is not going to help beginners especially if they have no clue about birds that are cousing damage, dirt and troubles to certain homeowners and those who own buildings in big cities and town. The idea of running and creating this blog that is going to help people all over the place deal pigeons and teach those who are new at this problem bird control thing how to get rid of the pest pigeons is something that not everyone is currently doing on the net. We are brand new and I would like to say that the idea itself is new too. That's why it is very important to start doing things at this level, on this blog and post each time someone is willing to ask questions and share his or her thoughts and opinions about their previous experience with this type of birds or any other relevant information that might bring and contribute to the overall skill and knowledge shared on this site.

Helping others is probably one of the most fantastic things to do in this life and while most of the people out there are focused on trying to get others understand what is really going on these days we are here trying to show people that in order to remove pigeons for good one has to use certain humane methods, otherwise the power of his or her own actions is going to come against their own dids. So stop wasting your time when others tell you that their methods is the ultimate thing you are looking for these days. Something like this doesn't work anymore. Even though a lot has been told about it we still need to insist that people begin or change their minds and start using those non violent methods of pigeon control. As an alternative you can use different physical deterrents to get rid of pigeons but this is not compulsory. Most of them are quite expensive. In order to try something new you can experiment with spikes because we stated a couple times before. Folks spikes are the ones that will keep you away from pigeons and these problem birds away from your house at the same time.

So why are we here on this blog insisting so much on people to start using spikes for getting rid and let's literary say "forcing" pigeons to stay away from your attic or roof. Well, the concept is pretty simple because with such physical barriers installed all over the place on the surface of your house's roof you are basically not offering your feathered friends any chance to land and build their nest or roost in those areas. Please take into consideration the fact that the problem bird infestation thing that we are trying to talk about in this article is specially dedicated to all those people that are currently suffering because of the dirt caused by pigeon droppings (or their feces) - yes, it has an awful smell and sometimes it is simply unbearable. You have to do something about it otherwise it might turn that you can't even get close to your property because of the infernal smell. Nowadays there is no greater alternative for people, especially if you are beginner in the world of pest bird removal and are looking for some fast solutions to make them fly away. It is a fact that pest birds (pigeons) will do everything possible to nest in a certain spot if they feel so. So the battle is just about to begin and if you don't realize something like this you migth end up doing things on your own and not having the results you expected from the very begining.

The main reason that we are about to talk about the fact that there still exit people that enjoy killing pigeons is just for the simply idea that most of them have no clue if this is right or wrong. We totally recommend you not doing so. There are too many other methods, non violent methods, that one can use in order to eradicate pigeons and get rid of them. It simply doesn't worth killing pigeons just because they like roosting near your house or in your attic. If you are a professional hunter and enjoy killing so much you can go and hunt for those wildlife animals in the special season and leave pigeons away. There are simply too many of those that are running wild out there. However, be patient before shooting a pigeon from your gun because as we stated in our previous article on our blog it might end up pretty odd for you and your family, not because of the bad karma (which will also play a huge role) but because of the problems that you are going to experience and deal with your local authorities hunting you down. There are also a bunch or animal right's organization that are simply going to attack you day and night if they find out you are doing something like this. Don't let it happen. Don't poison or kill pigeons using guns, toxic repellents or any other deadly methods. It doesn't worth it and you have to understand that from time to time the world has to change and this has to start from simple things just like pigeon control issues.

A good and professional deterrent for exterminating pigeons and all the other sorts of pest birds is the one that is effective in the first place. However, because we mentioned earlier that we are going to start talking and recommend only humane methods of pigeon control, we are not going to publicly speak about techniques and ways to keep pigeons away or even get rid of them brutally if you know that there are people who might actually try to implement that. The internet is full of wrong advice and we don't want to take part in doing something like this. Therefore, with something like this being said we would like to tell you folks that with the help of a professional pigeon deterrent, which can either be represented by pigeon spikes or something like this you can get a lot of fine results at the end of the day (meaning at the end of the your attempt to control pigeons that are considered to be pest). In order to deter pigeons you have to carefully analyze their life time activity near your house and attentively spot and note down each and every place where they tend to land and gather in flocks. We recieved an interesting email the other day from a guy from Denver that was talking about his pigeon control experience on his old house. He said that the day he entered the attic in order to take a look at what was really going on there he was simply amazed. There were more then a couple hundred of pigeons and the smell was simply deadly. The told us that after a few days he decided to call a cleaning company that took care of those pigeon feces and got out almost ten kilograms of debris from this attic. Impressive, eh? Well, this is what happens when you don't check and evaluate the real state of your house and property from time to time. It might happen after all.

You can also install nets in case you are seriously dealing with some kind of infestation by pigeons. Those who really claimed that they have been infested by birds that were damaging their house and made living in there almost impossible due to several factors one of which was debris (feces or droppings - call them whatever you like) and secondly the constant noise that was making them go crazy. Well, something like this happens when you ladies and gentlemen are dealing with several hundred pigeons that simply did nothing except taking over your attic, your roof or the trees around your property. When you are looking for something that works pretty well in terms of getting rid of birds and pigeons you need to consider pigeon netting - a technique that is also humane but extremely efficiently if done right. There are no other ways to claim that something like this is not going to work because logically it is just a simply net that is spread and installed around objects and regions on or near your house that you want to protect from dirty pigeons from landing from. This big nets that you'll have to deal with can be purchased in your local hardware store and they will make it even more reliable then ever before. Start doing things like you never though is possible and you are going to have the results you have been looking for in such a long time. Well, with that being said let us remind you that pigeons are not compulsory to be taken care of until you realize that they are causing enough damage and are just breeding way to fast.

Most pigeon infestation problems that responsible homeowners are these days dealing with has to do with cleaning walls. You have probably seen a lot of statues and monuments in the big cities that are being affected by the droppings and feces released by different types of birds but mostly pigeons. These birds don't care either it is a simply rock or a well known monument of one of the biggest personalities in that specific country. If they feel to do they are going to do it and at the moment the methods known to humans can't stop them from finding new and available places to exist. However, you cannot afford to install pigeons spikes on monuments or any other places that represent a symbol, something beautiful for that spot in a place or another. This is the deal where such a pigeon problem is solved with the help of falconry, a simply fantastic method that we talked about before several times on this site or blog. In most megalopolises and in other places no one has ever though about using and implementing this method and having success in protecting several important and strategic places both for toursists as for regular visitors. These things are extremely frustrating and annoying and you are the one that has the chance to do something and run something similar in your city in case you feel that none has though about this till this day. Falconry is the extraodinary art of using pray birds that feed with smaller and less dangerous birds in order to control a certain territory. During old times, these special hawks, vultures and owls were used while hunting. Today, in the 21st century it is a great method of solving the pigeon infestation thing.

Now just imagine for a single second that you give free access to a strong and powerful vulture in your attic and let it make the whole deal with the pigeons out there. You are going to need a lot of patience. However, it is better that you simply make it fly all around your house at a distance of several kilometers and you are going to see that those nasty and dirty pigeons that you have cought roosting and building nests on your house are not there anymore. There are things that work and this is one of the methods besides pigeons spikes that we simply highly recommend. People are trying different odd and expensive pigeon exterminate methods that are doing more harm than good and forget about what our elders did in the old times. Pretty interesting huh? Well, while this type of method might not be something that you can call and get in every big city of the world we have found some really interesting resources in London, UK and we totally hope that more solutions and services like this are going to be spread across United States too. It is simply too good and efficient for people not to try it and actually discover that it works and to begin implementing it officially.

Why do you think most people fail after several attempts why seeking solutions to get rid of pigeons? They want to know how to do it fast. They want to discover how to do it cheaply. They strive to learn how to do it without additional effort. While this might be extremely interesting to achieve, it simply doesn't work that way. We said it a bunch of times before and we are going to repeat it once again here on this blog. If you think that acquiring the latest and the strongest pigeon repellents is going to help you solve your problem then you are highly mistaken. These things doesn't work this way. There are various other solutions for such problems and we here today would like to make it like never before. Besides everything else, our main goal is to show people different and various ways to think outside of the box when dealing with such issues. Nowadays it doesn't work anymore like this and you have to start doing somethin on your own and stop following so called advice of others. Use the well known methods like ... spikes (once again) but use your own twists and you are going to see something really amazing happening. You are going to see results, and this is the most important. If you want to get rid of a pigeon infestation then you are going to need there results occurring before your eyes. Anything else is just crap and it won't work. Put love and patience in what you do because the success is near. If you are one of those few readers that has been following our articles and posts on this blog you can be sure that sooner or later you'll manage not to see those pigeons causing damage, roosting and nesting and smelling bad around your house. This is what we wanted to tell you about today.

Take your time and study everything carefully, make notes!

Bless you all,
Lora Ricardo
Pigeon Pest Control for Beginners
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