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Our main goal on this pigeon pest management blog is to show people various pigeon control methods that are going to help them in the long run. It is not always necessary to use force in order to get rid of birds. This is another idea that we have been intensively promoting on this site. Today is the day when you folks have the right to learn something new (at least a new approach) towards the concept of pigeon eradication. You have to be sneaky in what you do, especially when seeking truly efficient ways to put a deadly end to most of the problems caused by pigeons. You have to make sure that you read attentively everything that we write on this site. First of all we are doing it for free and secondly we would like to share as much information with those people that really have a serious bird infestation problem and are currently looking for solutions to get rid of it.

When someone is thinking about eradicating pigeons it is obviously that they want to get it done using different dangerous pigeon repellents and in our opinion this is a "no, no!". Getting rid of pigeons with the help of toxic substances is primitive from our point of view. Today one has the chance to get along with real specialists that are going to give you a hand, in exchange for a little part of your current wealth, in order to get rid of them and of all the pigeon damage that they cause. It is obvious that no matter what others think you can still manage to achieve results if you play by the rules of the game, if you are really attentive and if you use non violent methods of pigeon extermination. To eradicate pigeons could also mean to kill them, standing for to get rid of them as a way to control them, meaning to keep them away at the end of the day.

Don't be led into error when you see some wildlife and bird (pigeon) control companies "screaming" (read promoting, read advertising) their latest services and products. It is just a matter of time till you actually contant them and ask what is their eradication option all about and if it is really eradicating by killing or this is just the name of the service. Something has to be done at a level where everyone understand what you try to offer. If your services are missleading that it means that you are doing something wrong. If someone is talking about pigeon eradication than let it be so because being deceptive when running a pigeon removal or simply a cleaning business can also mean putting an end to what you do from the very first day, from the very beginning.

Eradication of pest pigeons can be done in different various ways. We have talked about most of them in the first posts on this blog. So if you have some time, if you are patient we recommend that you really find some spare time and give it a try. We know quite a lot things about how to control pigeons and from time to time it just seems that you never know when something better and cooler appears. It is just the way it is and you have nothing to worry about. Just give them a try. Proof read everything you need to know and make the necessary conclusions. Here are some quick links to our older posts/articles:

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These are the the first ever published articles on our blog about how to control pigeons. We are positively sure that if you are really interested in learning something more about certain aspects of pigeon eradication then you'll find some spare time and read what we have to say. Remember, you can always share what you think in the comments below each article on this site.

It is possible to eradicate pigeons using tens and possible hundreds of methods. Anyway, let's be clear about some things here. First of all, most of them are simply crap. People mass produce these pigeon management methods just for the sake of doing it and don't actually care about their importance and effectiveness in the long run. Someone has to star testing them all and write reviews in order to protect honest homeowners from stumbling upon methods that are not so effective as everyone thinks they are. So don't just waste your time, let us waste ours. From now on we promise that we are going to share with you folks techniques of pigeon eradication that only have been proven to work and bring at least some results, either in the short or in the long run. Of course, we are always going to aim at effectiveness for the long term, but who knows, as we mentioned in our previous article about pigeon damage you can't predict if pest birds and pigeons are going to accommodate to the new toxic repellents, spikes as physical barriers and some other issues. It is simply something that you don't want to happen.

Deep in the jungle people don't need to get rid of pigeons, they only do on their lands and properties, either in the city, town, village or somewhere near the big and highly populated regions of the city where these birds tend to live, roost, build nest, "multiply" and survive the economical recession :).

A very interesting method that we forgot to mention since we first started to write about how to eradicate pigeons on this blog is ultrasonic pigeon repeller, a device that emits certain sounds at low or high frequence that are going to induce the birds a specific message which sounds like: "stay away otherwise you are going to get in big trouble". There are different ways to purchase or to acquire a similar devices. However, we recommend like always to search for options and alternatives in your local hardware store and you are going to see that sometimes it is just required and necessary to check for offers online and in many other places. Using ultra sound pigeon management tools in order to keep this birds away is a great new possibility to eradicate pigeons, not because it is simply effective, but because it is also safe for humans and for pigeons. You don't have to deal with using toxic substances like repellents so forth and so on, you don't have to understand the technology and the best approaches towards installing pigeon spikes and the most important you don't need to do get dirty with cleaning the droppings that pigeons tend to leave after they roost in your attic or roof.

Think about it, with ultrasonic pigeon controller as a method of eradication you solve so many problems with one single purchase. Nevertheless, don't think that this is the best possible method to solve the issues that you are currently dealing with. You need to know what kind of model is the best one, you need to read at least some reviews of ultra sound pigeon repellers before trying and attempting to do something on your own. But basically it worth it because it is a very interesting method and the idea is that it works without you doing a lot of work. You either use it with rechargeable or one time batteries or you just plug it in and connect to your home electricity source and run it 24/7. This tool emits quite low frequency sounds that are responsible for keeping pigeons away. You don't actually eradicate pigeons - actually killing them, you just indirectly force them to stay away from your property.

Using ultrasonic anti pigeon device as a method o eradicate pigeons you are not only free from cleaning their feces from your roof but you also have the chance to efficiently start understand what are those spots that attract these birds the most. This is not a joke and we are going to try to prove it to you. Pigeons are always attracted by something particular in or outside your house - you just basically don't know or don't want to know what it is. So you get the idea, with such methods of pigeon eradication you are free from all the hassle that is going on for ages and you can start working on the things that you really pay attention to and care about. However, don't try to test it without knowing how to install and apply it. It might also be necessary to install a few sonic pigeon sound deterrents around your house if you own a lot of territory and land.

Meanwhile, people that use falconry as a method of pigeon eradication are smiling because they simply know what they are doing, because they have already tested all the other methods that we are rambling about for such a long time and sometimes don't even manage to say everything we want to. Someone has to start seeing things more clearly by getting into things that matter more and more. Pigeon eradication doesn't mean that you are obliged to have no mercy for the pigeons and just do it with all possible means. You have to control your ideas and desires and just stick to the options that bring results. The art of falconry that we talked about for such a long time is extremely efficient but you have to know, realize and understand how it works. It is also not the cheapest either and when it comes to certain aspects you have to think if you can simply afford something like this.

Pigeon eradication is going to help in case of emergency. Trying to get rid of pigeons without following the advice that people already got themselves burned with is something that you have to pay maximum attention to. It is not always necessary to just stick to the things that others promote and talk about but it is cool to know what kind of results others have obtained by using and implementing the methods and the ideas that you were thinking about. This is what most of you should be doing while in here, on your site. Just try to read as much as possible and accumulate. After trying several techniques and manage that are going to help you control pigeons you can tell on your own and make a viable comparison between what others have to say and your own experience. Comparing things and using competition between those methods that seem extremely nice is a good way to start making the difference between what works when trying to eradicate pigeons and what doesn't and generally it nothing more than just a pure waste of time.

Please do not try to make pigeons go away using violent methods. Everything that you do is going to come back, sooner or later. That's why we simply don't recommend people doing something like this. It is absurd and we are here to prove that it works and what most of you don't understand others keep doing from different perspectives while trying to manage their own pigeons and birds. You see, we might be talking here about using pigeon spikes as the ultimate control method because it worked for us, but this doesn't mean that it work for all the people that were dealing with any kind of pigeon problems. There are different kind of issues and problems that need to be carefully analyzed and compared before some decisions are taken. Upon these decisions is your overall success in trying to get rid of pest birds based. You succeed in both cases, because even when you fail you get experience and failing is better than doing nothing and just waiting for something extremely important to happen.

So in this article about how to eradicate pigeons we revealed a new method that promises to be extremely efficient. We are talking directly about ultrasonic anti pigeon sound devices and tools to help homeowners and other people to control and manage the presence of pigeons on their lands. Sometimes it is just better do it clean and fast, while in most of the cases we just recommend trying it from a totally different point of view and that is going to be not only efficient but very educative as we always learn new things.

Knowing what pigeon eradication is all about is possible after several attempts only.

Don't be mislead by the fact that you should be a professional in order to get rid of them.

Pigeons are attracted by certain aspects of your house, find those and you are free from pest birds.

We wish you success in all your pigeon control efforts.

Never give up and a pigeon free property is going to knock at your door soon enough.

Bless you all,
Lora Ricardo
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