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It's not easy to get rid of pigeons but if you know what you are doing it works quite fine. Even if these birds seem to most of the people in the world today totally harmless, well you should know that they can actually bring some unpleasant issues to you what something like droppings occur in front of your office, house, etc. That is why we are going to talk about and generally blog about some interesting pigeon pest control methods and techniques that my husband, being a professional pest exterminator and being involved in getting rid of pigeons for more then seven years now know what he is doing and people that asked for his exterminator services believe and trust him. Pigeon extermination is not easy and also not necessary. There are other good and quite peaceful and interesting methods that can help you prevent pigeons from coming near your house and provide droppings. There are many techniques that include spikes, repellent and even poison but that is something else. Now we need to concentrate on the basics because these are the most important. Tackle the hard stuff later.

People remain frustrated when they wake up in the morning and discover that pigeon droppings are all over the place. They don't know what to do about it. It because annoying when you have to deal with something like this day by day. That is why some people are employing poisons, traps, or other deadly measures just in order to control pigeons and be able to leave in peace. However, only a few know that such methods might easily land you in deep trouble. These steps should be strictly avoided. You should also ask for permission from your local authorities as these are not very peaceful methods. People say that they don't often receive the best answers when talking about such method of getting rid of pigeons. In other words, there should be some other interesting ways around for pigeon pest control. No matter where you are, all the same problems that we are blogging about here will add up up. Your pigeon control or pigeon trapping will also force or even make you look for more effective techniques to counter the threats of pigeon droppings. It might seem a little bit funny but this is the truth. Therefore, you can use various creative pigeon trapping methods and techniques to ensure and be positively affirmative that you can achieve ease and safety for yourself and your beloved family. It is time to get rid of pigeons once and for all.

It is well known that pigeons have become one of the most wide spread public enemy number one as far as pest birds are concerned and this is because of the dirt they provide and droppings all over the place. The most common pigeon that we are going to carefully analyze is also known as a rock dove that first came the North America by people and humans from Europe that managed to settle in Canada at the beginning of the 17th century. Some pigeons that managed to escape from settlers and new coming people formed the well known wild flocks that you might see in our cities and towns nowadays. These wild birds and creatures live among city buildings, bridges, houses, rants and other man created structures and buildings in the same way their ancestors used to exist among cliffs and rocky mountains. It's all about pigeon proofing and how to exterminate pigeons. If you need to do something about these type of birds and what to learn how to get rid of pigeons then you should be aware that pigeons can live up to 20 years and mate of life forever and ever. Their instincts will bring them back to their same nesting and living and breeding in roosting areas. It has become a widespread problem known all over the place in the world in cities and suburbs alike. People are looking for ways to get rid of them. Some other interesting facts about pigeons need to be added here. Pigeons cause thousands of dollars in cleanup and repair costs to homeowners, simple people, office keepers, building owners, municipal buildings and other simple humans that experience such problems.

So let's discuss further some other compulsory to know aspects about getting rid of pigeons and how to do it. Like most of the birds out there pigeons can carry fleas, ticks, or mites and some other unpleasant diseases and infections. It has been partially scientifically proved that they also carry diseases which can be transmitted to some humans through direct contact with either the birds or their feces and droppings but these reports seem to be largely unsubstantiated and not really serious. That is why people pay that kind of attention. Their droppings however can damage the paint on your car or house, and all that is painted generally or the finish on a building, and their highly flammable nesting materials can gather and mess you around.

We are going to reveal some more great and pretty secret ways to get rid of pigeons that only experts know and earn their living on those just because it is an insider secret and ordinary people don't have easy, direct or free information regarding this matter or subject. The best way is to make the area as hostile and troublesome as possible for pigeons to ignore it and simple to not come there any more. Awnings, rafter, ledges, and attics are some of the spots pigeons adore and tend to like hooking-up the most and in many cases this is true and its up to you to seal them off just by putting in screens, fillers and plates, or using any other methods of doing the same. It is really all up to you.

Let's add a few more interesting things about the best pigeon pest control methods and some more information that each and everyone of you should be aware of and know when trying to get rid of pigeons. It is known that pigeons make nests and will reuse the location repeatedly many times after tending to build new nests on top of old ones and so on and so forth. Pigeons do not bother or even think or need to remove the feces of their young and this is how it is in reality so the nest turns into a hard and pretty smelly pot like mound or vase that gets larger each month and in the near future you are going to have a monster nest that smells awful. Some eggs and the mummies of dead nestlings are there to and will also get cemented and fixed into the nest of the pigeons therefore making it even more of a health hazard for all the entire environment. Nest sites are used repeatedly and in most of the cases and so in this case nesting material is added for each new brood and people tend to thing it around, making for very unsightly displays and of course consider the droppings and horrible smell when dealing with such issues. A simple pair of pigeons may raise more then 7 or sometimes even more broods a year. Pigeons do not migrate so you have a constant problem or issue that needs to be solved, but if you manage to displace some of them from a nesting area it doesn't mean that you solved the problem because they can return home from long distances just because of their awesome homing ability and radar implemented memory. Once again a lot of good material for each and everyone of you that looks for new effective ways on how to get rid of pidgeons or just looking for a review of some pigeon exterminating product.

This is going to be the next paragraph for today. It is going to be still about some other parts of getting rid of pigeon issues. All know that nature follows the law of least resistance and that is pretty the basics that you must learn from this last paragraph about the importance of knowing how to get rid of pigeons yourself and never rely on the so called great experience of an so called expert called pigeon exterminator or exterminators. However, unless your big and huge problem with pigeons stems from some overpopulation it is still going to make things work quite fine when you start to deal and do some pigeon extermination practice that people tend to love lately. This is a great idea and also making your building or home harder to nest on or in than most of the other buildings around your house or homes in your area should be great and all your neighbors are going to upload you for what is really going on. This causes them to stick to easier targets and in such a way leave your place and roof of the home. This section goes deep into each available method of doing this. But more about how to get rid of pigeons in the next post.

Don't let the pigeons drop on you their feces, prevent them from doing this, use pigeon repellents or pigeon spikes and of course enjoy life, without killing pigeons.

Bless you all,
Lora Ricardo
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