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Do It Yourself Pigeon Control for Beginners

Often you would find yourself frugal because you somehow have other much more important fiscal priorities at hand. Don't worry, don't think that you are the only in this world that have undergone such situations. Such occasions are just completely normal and human. Therefore, you ought to find ways that you can improvise and innovate yourself in order to satisfy both aspects of notion of convenience: The aspect in which you are able to save money and the aspect of which you are still able to provide and effective solution to the problem. This kind of situations still happens when it comes to deducing the best pigeon control approach in a particular circumstance.

Most people would not like to spend a lot on pigeon control approaches and often by not spending a lot, they are willing to compromise the quality of the method or approach that deals with the pestering pigeon problem. While it may be true that with high price comes better quality, it also holds true that not all solutions can be bought and therefore, the best solutions could still be out there to be discovered by yourself manually. By simply being thoroughly logical and creative with your improvisations, you may be able to innovate the best pigeon control solution there is on the planet. Also, you need to foster a certain level of patience when it comes to DIY approaches. Since they are more than half the time without the assistance of automated devices, unlike most purchased solutions are, they would definitely take more time to setup and as well as to take effect. However, rest assured the output you desire would still be savoured just as long as you make sure that everything is in place.

In this article we will be discussing Do-it-Yourself methods on providing solution to pigeon roosting and perching problems. We will be giving handful of helpful advices particularly on what devices to acquire which can be readily found in your garage or in your toolbox and how to set them up and assembling the components altogether to create your own pest pigeon control device(s). However, we will still be mentioning about the best available commercial products there is for your convenience whenever you would need an immediate alternative.

Perching Problems during Broad Daylight

An important consideration whenever you are to find a solution to your pigeon problem is to research or investigate first the nature of the problem. You have to first understand why you are currently having a pigeon problem and then you also have to understand how the entire problem works for you to be able to combat it by using the appropriate solutions.

In this case, if you have somehow noticed for some time that pigeons are only giving you problems during broad daylight, then the next step is to understand why they are somehow attracted to perch in your building. It is important to know and aware yourself of the nature of their stay as you may immediately employ pigeon deterrence that will just simply relocate the pigeons into more inaccessible places. More often than not, they would relocate themselves to the tiles of the roof making them even more difficult to reach and expel. While most people would think that they're better off being in the tiles of the roof and far from the balconies and any near places to your house, there is still a problem. Oftentimes, the pigeon guanos and nesting stuff will cause blockage in the gutter and downpipes especially during rains and it can be quite a problem to have those particular places cleaned up. Therefore, you have to make sure that pigeons will never stay anywhere near your house at all, even inside the roof tiles. But this doesn't mean you have to slaughter each one of them to dispatch them for certain. You do that and you may get yourself with even more severe complications especially those that concerns legal ramifications. You really don't want to have that additional burden into what you already have as of the moment. One thing you have to understand about pigeon control is that you it simply only means that you relocate the problem causers and not exterminate them. There are laws and rules that protect these creatures and you wouldn't want to cross that line.

You have to understand that if the pigeons are perching on your rooftops because they are somehow being fed on sight, installing any ultrasonic pigeon deterrents will simply just move them upwards to the roof tile areas. They would simply just find their way around your deterrent devices as they wouldn't want to leave the area knowing that there is food source around. What you can do now instead is to make sure that their food sources are cut off. If they don't have any food sources to come by, they would become less interested to situate themselves in your place. It becomes more complicated though if you happen to live nearby a food house or restaurant. If that's the case, the best thing you can do therefore is to purchase all sorts of pigeon deterrents to totally keep the pigeons away from your house.

Breeding Problems and Overnight Pigeon Roosting

This kind of problems can't be handled with DIY alone. Although it may be possible that DIY approaches may take effect, however, quality output would greatly rely on the combination of both DIY and commercial options. The first thing you have to do is to identify where the roosting places of pigeons in your house are and look for evidences that suggest they are breeding in those areas. Usually the evidences that pigeons are breeding in those locations are the presence of nests and possibly eggs. You will also have to be able to identify roughly how many pigeons are there inhabiting those areas. This way you will be able to know what sort of approaches you will require to be able to handle the population of pigeons at your rooftop.
pigeon control

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