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The Problem about Pigeons

Pigeons may be just birds and would often look harmless to people. But the sheer number of pigeons that invade homes may just be the most difficult and appalling problem to any homeowners. To deal with that number of pigeons would be a constant battle with an army in flight and being humans as we are, we are always a little handicapped with aerial combats. Pigeon problems would always have to be addressed in any way as they actually do pose certain problems to any household. In order to give a better clarity on what sort of problems or damages can pigeons do to our homes, let's mention some of them.

Perhaps the primary problem with pigeons is that they seem to perpetually poop and when they do they poop just right about everywhere. Most of the population of households here in US complain about pigeons and mostly of the complaints are about their waste. The amount of cleaning up afterward is so considerable that at times people would have to hire professionals at some point in time to deal with the pigeon bombs from the sky. The amount of poop in itself is already quite intimidating, but it gets even worse when you go through the effects of the poop. As you can see, the pigeon poop doesn't only make your house look bad (and you say that poop stains are bad enough), their poop also have the characteristics to melt down certain stuff. The reason why their poop seem to react like a solvent to certain lightly composed materials is because their poop contains high levels of uric acid. Acids of course are always known to have the properties to dissolve certain things and the same goes as well with bird poop. That is why, apart from the complains of having dirty bird feces in the house, people would also often complain about premier wall paints wearing out, wall materials brittling down to pieces, even erode metal.

The more problematic part comes when they start do defecate on highly expensive and monumental stonework. Their dump could truly mark the face of a monument. It gets even more difficult when you get attempt to get rid of them. A pigeon dump that has not been removed for too long will attach itself on a structure adhesively and in order to thoroughly remove it, it will require certain pressurized lifts and hoses. The use of pressurize water hose in itself could damage good stonework already and after you are successful to have removed the dump, mark would definitely manifest itself, from paint discoloration to structure tarnishes.

Another problem that pigeons pose to human households is that their poop does actually carry certain diseases that are truly detrimental to the human health. If they are communicated through the most viable means, some of these diseases could definitely put a person out of the house for good. There are tons of bacteria, fungi, and even parasites that thrive in the pigeon droppings and we all know having any of those three would definitely not going to be good. There are about 60 known diseases that are derived from pigeon poop.

Also, pigeon feathers in themselves are carriers of mites, ticks, and fleas that also potentially carry harmful diseases that may truly put one's health in danger. This is because most of the pigeon infestations that take place have pigeons that are apparently relocating itself from one place to another in the city and would often find themselves scavenging through human trash bins in search for food. These mites could potentially carry the diseases and viruses from the waste materials that the birds are scavenging through.

In the present year, there has been around an estimated value of 1.1 billion dollars a year that pigeons cause. That statistic is in US alone and we could almost take a good grasp of how much damage they do in a year to the entire world.

With that amount of damage cost in every year, it is already necessary to appropriate the problem with certain counter actions in order to prevent any further damages already. It is quite important to ensure as well that the methods that are going to be used would be truly effective and efficient so that the problem can be thoroughly addressed. It is a big question now as to how to find a qualified and good quality of information and also how to avoid those that are definitely bogus. It is important that as researcher, you will be able to discern which information is right and which ones are misleading. Here are some tips on how to find useful information on dealing with pigeon problems.

When searching for information regarding finding pigeon control methods, you have to make sure that you are looking at the duly recognized organizations sponsored websites as they will most often offer the most quality information regarding the topic you are looking for, in this case, pigeon control. Another way to look for quality information about pigeon control is to scan through the other websites and search for popular information items. The more popular the item gets the more reliable it is. This only means that a lot of websites are discussing the information because they are aware of the credibility of it. Lastly, don't settle for websites that offer information in place of a purchase in return. This kind of websites is usually only hinged on profiteering and they will say anything at all just to make sure that they get your attention.

Most pigeon control methods are actually self doable. Once you have gained access of the necessary information tools regarding on how to get going with the process, you can readily apply the entire procedure yourself. It may not come easy at first, but sooner or later you will get around to it. Don't worry if you will commit mistakes at some point along the process, these mistakes will serve as your milestone experiences so that you can learn from them and be better next time.
pigeon control

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