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Lethal Pigeon Control Methods

Sometimes, the problem with pigeons would often be so considerable that it would already require harsher approaches, be it for the satisfaction of the affected individual or just the sheer appropriation of the multitude of pigeons infesting the property. As what an adage would say, "desperate times call for desperate measures", the same principle would seem to apply with pigeon pest problems. Farmers often feel this urge since pigeons cause considerable and sometimes even devastating damages to their farm properties. Certain homeowners would also feel this way, especially after having their house overhauled for total maintenance and then suddenly finding multitude of pigeon droppings everywhere right after the maintenance. It can truly be a very frustrating feeling.

In light of this extreme hate urges to deal with the pestering pigeons, the invention of lethal pigeon control methods came into place. As the methods' name imply, these methods would definitely entail the use of much more severe methods of controlling pests. Naturally, these methods are those that can kill the pest upon delivery of the method. There are many types of killing methods for pigeons and all of them are devised for the purpose of immediate output. Some of them do not have highly quantifiable results though, as some of these methods are designed for the purposes of satiating the urges of the user. However, one thing is for certain, they do get rid of the pest one way or the other.

There are certain disadvantages to these methods though as there are those lethal methods that are prohibited in certain places and that using them would entail appropriate sanctions. Some of the methods are also not so environmentally friendly and that environmental advocates would definitely have something to say about it. It is important that you confer with the authorities and know the specific protocols in your area before using any of the lethal methods. It is better to be certain than to suffer the consequences of impulsive actions.

Here are some of the best options for lethal methods in pigeon control:

The Hawk

This method by the way is not some hawk-looking device that would scare away pigeons. They are actually real live Hawks that feed on pigeons. They are known predators of pigeons and they are quite effective in hunting their prey down. Hawks are truly docile creatures to humans once they are tamed and domesticated. In fact, the approach of using hawks in dealing with pigeons was already being used a long time before. Back then, hawks are stationed as stadium guards to prevent any pigeon infiltration into the game field since often pigeons dive-bomb into the players in the field and thus distracting the entire game. In order to prevent them from doing such, marksmen and hawks collaborate to prevent them.

If you are to use hawks in an urban residence, you have to make sure that the hawks are tied long enough to reach the squatting pigeons on the rooftops or anywhere in the house where pigeons usually frequent. It would be better if the hawks were already highly trained that you won't have to tie them down anymore. That way, they could more freely and making all pestering pigeons just within the reach of its talons. However, hawk training may prove to be quite effortful and expensive and thus, are considered as highly impractical methods. But somehow a few certain people would take the indulgence and to them, hawks prove themselves to be truly worthy pets.

Caging Trapping and Killing

Perhaps the most conventional method of catching pests is the use of cage traps and they have proved themselves truly effective over the years. Ever since, people have been using traps to capture their pest problems and the same thing would go as well with pest pigeons. There are two generic types of traps in light of this article's discussion: the lethal cage traps and safe cage traps and we will be talking about the former.

Lethal cage traps are the other innovation of humane cage traps. This kind of traps is definitely not for the squeamish. Lethal cage traps often have constricting or snapping mechanisms that would immediately a death blow to the captured pigeon once it gets ensnared.

In other traps, the lethality is delivered manually. Usually, the user would employ the use of pliers to manually snap the necks of the captured pigeons or use some puncturing material to impale the ensnared bird.

In order for the traps to be truly effective in capturing its target though, you have to place them into the highly strategic locations of your home. These areas should be where there is a high concentration of frequenting pigeons. Rooftops, windows, balconies, and tree branches are among the most conducive areas for capturing pigeons. Place the traps in these places and you will surely have something in that trap that is worth killing.


One of the most widely used pigeon control method to farmers especially across country areas. By far this method is also the most used method in killing other species of birds that pester farm houses. However, they are rarely used in urban areas and you need not an explanation why you can't use guns in the city.

Especially in the agricultural sectors, shooting pigeons is greatly being used because of the great deal of liberty in the areas. Since there are no strict rules on gun usage in these areas, they could readily use long rifles to kill the pestering pigeons.

However, there are certain urban parts that make use of bird-lethal but human-safe guns. Usually this kind of guns employs the use of plastic bullets that are strong enough to kill birds but are harmless to humans. Usually these guns are being used to hunt down not only pigeons but other types of small birds as well like, sparrows, crows, and starlings. Sometimes they are used to hunt down gulls but since gulls are rather too big and have thicker skins, this kind of guns are rarely used on them.
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