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Pigeon Infestation

Not so much time has passed since our last post on this blog about how to control pigeons, but we though that this time it's very important to talk about pigeon infestation, a problem that homeowners and building owners are currently experiencing everywhere across USA, especially in big cities. Due to the fact that this is one of the few sites that actually shares at least some kind of quality information about different problem birds and mostly pigeons and provides tips and tricks on how to get rid of them we though that there must be a post dedicated only to the infestation of pigeons. Nowadays, there are plenty of worldwide organizations that are working hard in order to make this pigeon extermination thing disappear. Before going any further let us announce you that we are not supporting the violent eradication of pigeon birds, we just want to help people eliminate them from their houses and homes without using different strong repellents or any other cruel methods.

When talking about pigeon infestation one must take into consideration the fact that it's one thing to deal with several pigeons and it's a quite big issue to talk about dealing with several hundred flocks of pigeons. In big cities like New York or London there are plenty of pigeons that are population the town, the huge megalopolis for hundred various reasons. We talked about these reasons mostly in our previous article in this blog, a very interesting post about how to stop pigeons and keep them away from your attic. However, while brand new pigeon extermination techniques and methods are promoted each and every day on TV, Radio, Newspapers and Internet, good old approaches towards keeping pigeons at a certain distance from your house's roof work at it's best. There are plenty of things that you have to understand folks and today we are going to talk about most of these methods. Stay tuned for future posts too, because as soon something new appears about pigeon pest control we are going to take the time and post something interesting or a review on this blog.

We have searched everyone on the internet using the major search engines for free tips and advice on how to overcome and what to do wieh the pigeon infestation and invasion thing. There are more then "a few" sites that are showing up while displaying important information that is not going to help beginners especially if they have no clue about birds that are cousing damage, dirt and troubles to certain homeowners and those who own buildings in big cities and town. The idea of running and creating this blog that is going to help people all over the place deal pigeons and teach those who are new at this problem bird control thing how to get rid of the pest pigeons is something that not everyone is currently doing on the net. We are brand new and I would like to say that the idea itself is new too. That's why it is very important to start doing things at this level, on this blog and post each time someone is willing to ask questions and share his or her thoughts and opinions about their previous experience with this type of birds or any other relevant information that might bring and contribute to the overall skill and knowledge shared on this site.

Helping others is probably one of the most fantastic things to do in this life and while most of the people out there are focused on trying to get others understand what is really going on these days we are here trying to show people that in order to remove pigeons for good one has to use certain humane methods, otherwise the power of his or her own actions is going to come against their own dids. So stop wasting your time when others tell you that their methods is the ultimate thing you are looking for these days. Something like this doesn't work anymore. Even though a lot has been told about it we still need to insist that people begin or change their minds and start using those non violent methods of pigeon control. As an alternative you can use different physical deterrents to get rid of pigeons but this is not compulsory. Most of them are quite expensive. In order to try something new you can experiment with spikes because we stated a couple times before. Folks spikes are the ones that will keep you away from pigeons and these problem birds away from your house at the same time.

So why are we here on this blog insisting so much on people to start using spikes for getting rid and let's literary say "forcing" pigeons to stay away from your attic or roof. Well, the concept is pretty simple because with such physical barriers installed all over the place on the surface of your house's roof you are basically not offering your feathered friends any chance to land and build their nest or roost in those areas. Please take into consideration the fact that the problem bird infestation thing that we are trying to talk about in this article is specially dedicated to all those people that are currently suffering because of the dirt caused by pigeon droppings (or their feces) - yes, it has an awful smell and sometimes it is simply unbearable. You have to do something about it otherwise it might turn that you can't even get close to your property because of the infernal smell. Nowadays there is no greater alternative for people, especially if you are beginner in the world of pest bird removal and are looking for some fast solutions to make them fly away. It is a fact that pest birds (pigeons) will do everything possible to nest in a certain spot if they feel so. So the battle is just about to begin and if you don't realize something like this you migth end up doing things on your own and not having the results you expected from the very begining.

The main reason that we are about to talk about the fact that there still exit people that enjoy killing pigeons is just for the simply idea that most of them have no clue if this is right or wrong. We totally recommend you not doing so. There are too many other methods, non violent methods, that one can use in order to eradicate pigeons and get rid of them. It simply doesn't worth killing pigeons just because they like roosting near your house or in your attic. If you are a professional hunter and enjoy killing so much you can go and hunt for those wildlife animals in the special season and leave pigeons away. There are simply too many of those that are running wild out there. However, be patient before shooting a pigeon from your gun because as we stated in our previous article on our blog it might end up pretty odd for you and your family, not because of the bad karma (which will also play a huge role) but because of the problems that you are going to experience and deal with your local authorities hunting you down. There are also a bunch or animal right's organization that are simply going to attack you day and night if they find out you are doing something like this. Don't let it happen. Don't poison or kill pigeons using guns, toxic repellents or any other deadly methods. It doesn't worth it and you have to understand that from time to time the world has to change and this has to start from simple things just like pigeon control issues.

A good and professional deterrent for exterminating pigeons and all the other sorts of pest birds is the one that is effective in the first place. However, because we mentioned earlier that we are going to start talking and recommend only humane methods of pigeon control, we are not going to publicly speak about techniques and ways to keep pigeons away or even get rid of them brutally if you know that there are people who might actually try to implement that. The internet is full of wrong advice and we don't want to take part in doing something like this. Therefore, with something like this being said we would like to tell you folks that with the help of a professional pigeon deterrent, which can either be represented by pigeon spikes or something like this you can get a lot of fine results at the end of the day (meaning at the end of the your attempt to control pigeons that are considered to be pest). In order to deter pigeons you have to carefully analyze their life time activity near your house and attentively spot and note down each and every place where they tend to land and gather in flocks. We recieved an interesting email the other day from a guy from Denver that was talking about his pigeon control experience on his old house. He said that the day he entered the attic in order to take a look at what was really going on there he was simply amazed. There were more then a couple hundred of pigeons and the smell was simply deadly. The told us that after a few days he decided to call a cleaning company that took care of those pigeon feces and got out almost ten kilograms of debris from this attic. Impressive, eh? Well, this is what happens when you don't check and evaluate the real state of your house and property from time to time. It might happen after all.

You can also install nets in case you are seriously dealing with some kind of infestation by pigeons. Those who really claimed that they have been infested by birds that were damaging their house and made living in there almost impossible due to several factors one of which was debris (feces or droppings - call them whatever you like) and secondly the constant noise that was making them go crazy. Well, something like this happens when you ladies and gentlemen are dealing with several hundred pigeons that simply did nothing except taking over your attic, your roof or the trees around your property. When you are looking for something that works pretty well in terms of getting rid of birds and pigeons you need to consider pigeon netting - a technique that is also humane but extremely efficiently if done right. There are no other ways to claim that something like this is not going to work because logically it is just a simply net that is spread and installed around objects and regions on or near your house that you want to protect from dirty pigeons from landing from. This big nets that you'll have to deal with can be purchased in your local hardware store and they will make it even more reliable then ever before. Start doing things like you never though is possible and you are going to have the results you have been looking for in such a long time. Well, with that being said let us remind you that pigeons are not compulsory to be taken care of until you realize that they are causing enough damage and are just breeding way to fast.

Most pigeon infestation problems that responsible homeowners are these days dealing with has to do with cleaning walls. You have probably seen a lot of statues and monuments in the big cities that are being affected by the droppings and feces released by different types of birds but mostly pigeons. These birds don't care either it is a simply rock or a well known monument of one of the biggest personalities in that specific country. If they feel to do they are going to do it and at the moment the methods known to humans can't stop them from finding new and available places to exist. However, you cannot afford to install pigeons spikes on monuments or any other places that represent a symbol, something beautiful for that spot in a place or another. This is the deal where such a pigeon problem is solved with the help of falconry, a simply fantastic method that we talked about before several times on this site or blog. In most megalopolises and in other places no one has ever though about using and implementing this method and having success in protecting several important and strategic places both for toursists as for regular visitors. These things are extremely frustrating and annoying and you are the one that has the chance to do something and run something similar in your city in case you feel that none has though about this till this day. Falconry is the extraodinary art of using pray birds that feed with smaller and less dangerous birds in order to control a certain territory. During old times, these special hawks, vultures and owls were used while hunting. Today, in the 21st century it is a great method of solving the pigeon infestation thing.

Now just imagine for a single second that you give free access to a strong and powerful vulture in your attic and let it make the whole deal with the pigeons out there. You are going to need a lot of patience. However, it is better that you simply make it fly all around your house at a distance of several kilometers and you are going to see that those nasty and dirty pigeons that you have cought roosting and building nests on your house are not there anymore. There are things that work and this is one of the methods besides pigeons spikes that we simply highly recommend. People are trying different odd and expensive pigeon exterminate methods that are doing more harm than good and forget about what our elders did in the old times. Pretty interesting huh? Well, while this type of method might not be something that you can call and get in every big city of the world we have found some really interesting resources in London, UK and we totally hope that more solutions and services like this are going to be spread across United States too. It is simply too good and efficient for people not to try it and actually discover that it works and to begin implementing it officially.

Why do you think most people fail after several attempts why seeking solutions to get rid of pigeons? They want to know how to do it fast. They want to discover how to do it cheaply. They strive to learn how to do it without additional effort. While this might be extremely interesting to achieve, it simply doesn't work that way. We said it a bunch of times before and we are going to repeat it once again here on this blog. If you think that acquiring the latest and the strongest pigeon repellents is going to help you solve your problem then you are highly mistaken. These things doesn't work this way. There are various other solutions for such problems and we here today would like to make it like never before. Besides everything else, our main goal is to show people different and various ways to think outside of the box when dealing with such issues. Nowadays it doesn't work anymore like this and you have to start doing somethin on your own and stop following so called advice of others. Use the well known methods like ... spikes (once again) but use your own twists and you are going to see something really amazing happening. You are going to see results, and this is the most important. If you want to get rid of a pigeon infestation then you are going to need there results occurring before your eyes. Anything else is just crap and it won't work. Put love and patience in what you do because the success is near. If you are one of those few readers that has been following our articles and posts on this blog you can be sure that sooner or later you'll manage not to see those pigeons causing damage, roosting and nesting and smelling bad around your house. This is what we wanted to tell you about today.

Take your time and study everything carefully, make notes!

Bless you all,
Lora Ricardo
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