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Pigeon Pest Bird Extermination

When dealing with pest and problem birds one should understand that there are a lot of different methods besides applying pigeon spikes on the roof of your house that can be used in order to get rid of these uninvited guests. Most of them are probably know by some of our readers while others might be totally unknown and exotic. That is why we though that today could be the proper time to try and explain a few issues about pigeon extermination.

However, when trying to get rid of pigeons you should carefully analyze the wildlife laws of the state you are currently living in because it is well known that some pose quite serious laws regarding birds and privately controlling them at home or on your building office. Several states in USA do not like people killing pigeons or trying to exterminate them in a way or another and they have developed serious laws and citizens of villages and towns and any other rural areas have to pay serious bills when cough while trying to use a pigeon repellant or some toxic product to eliminate the bird problem on their property. Please be careful and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

After all, there are different kind of issues and reasons for people to strive so hard in trying to eradicate these problem birds – pigeons. First of all it’s all about the unpleasant smell, the constant droppings that are making the walls, the roof, the attic and any other parts of a house or building look terrible. On the second place come diseases that are well known to be easily spread by these flying creatures that seem some harmless at the first sight. People got used to exterminate pigeons without taking care of their future return and that’s why most of them fail at this chapter. At the end of this pigeon extermination article we are going to reveal one interesting method of keeping pigeons and any other problem birds away from your house, roof and property without much effort. However, it needs a small investment and some research at the first sight.

In big cities, pigeons are considered pest birds and people are not pleased with their presence if their number is getting too high and the dirt level rises day after day. Repellents won’t work because of the laws of the state and constantly installing spikes for pigeons is a waste of money because they cost pretty much nowadays. So what is the solution for this problem? Do you have any ideas? Well, if you don’t – them we do. Did you ever hear about falconry? Well, this is not a direct pigeon extermination method that has something in common with directly killing or eradication of these birds but it works like charm and it doesn’t basically require any cleaning or pigeon elimination skills from you. People that tried this method have written some very inspiring testimonials and claim that only a few raids per week can offer a pigeon free property.

Falconry is considered to be more a medieval sport then a way of controlling pest pigeon birds. Knowing how to exterminate pigeons has basically nothing in common with falconry, but if used wise and without hesitation you can hire those guys that know how to train a flying raptor like a hawk or a night owl that have the ability to hunt down (in this case only scare) pigeons from your region and constantly maintain them away only by taking a flying survey around your house, construction, building or office no more then once a week. While doing our research on falconry we found a few companies that offer such services at a quite affordable price. However, you have to understand that this method is not for those people that think there is no other solution besides strong repellent. In London for example, smart people started to use falconry as a method of getting rid of problem birds. Pest pigeons feel the smell and the presence of the raptor from a few km and the survival instinct makes them stay away. This is what we wanted to tell you about today.

This doesn’t mean that pigeon extermination methods don’t work. They do – but we offer you an alternative. Find your local bird pigeon pest control company or firm, call them and ask about falconry. You might get lucky!

Bless you all,
Lora Ricardo
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