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Pigeons: Auctions and Races

While some pigeons have been considered as pests in many places in Europe and the United States, some of these birds are actually treated as precious "gold-laying" birds by some businessmen around the world. Pigeons are bought and kept in captivity for two main reasons: 1. To have them as pets and 2. To have them as racers. Of these two reasons, the latter earns the most money.

Pigeon racing is fast becoming a popular sport in many places around the world, most especially in the West. Pigeon species which are fit to race are bred and trained to become the next big racing champion. These birds are conditioned to finish different kinds of races, some of which can reach up to 1000 kilometres. Of course, like all races and games, people make the most money out from pigeon racing because of betting.

How to find Pigeons that can Race?

There are many ways to get your first racing pigeon. You can go online and buy any of the "racing pigeons" that they sell there or you can go to specialty shops and buy your pigeons first hand. However, the best way to get a racing pigeon that can actually win a race is through pigeon auctions. In these auctions, pigeons which have won races in the past are put into sale to the highest bidder. Of course, it can be expected that the bird will somehow be really costly, considering that many people will want to get the bird for their own sake. But, like what most people who participate in auctions think, the price will definitely not matter anymore, for as long as you get what you want.

Some of these auctions happen in the internet while some happen in pigeon racing arenas and similar places. Just like all other auctions, pigeon auctions also have different approaches. These are:

1. Complete Racing Bird Sell Out - This particular auction involves not just the actual racing pigeon but also all the birds in an owner's loft (including the supplies, equipment and cages). This is best for those who want to start a pigeon racing hobby but do not want to go into the hassles of starting from scratch. This can be very expensive, but like what has been said, in the context of auctions, it is not the money that matters, it is the item that you get.

2. Loft Reduction - This type of an auction is done when a particular owner wants to reduce the number of birds in his/her loft. Many people still like this kind of an auction because it assures that the birds that they will be getting came from a direct bloodline as those birds which have won the races in the past.

3. Special Pigeon Auction - This auction can be likened to auctioning a Hollywood Celebrity's boots or dress. Now, since it is pigeon auction, instead of an item, the owner will put a real winning bird into an auction, but for grabs to those who can afford.

4. Donation Auction - Much like all the other auctions already mentioned, the only difference is that the money earned through it will not be used for personal purposes, rather, it will be donated for charity works. Many people are willing to pay extra for donation auctions because it translates as an act of generosity to the needy.

Tips When Participating in Auctions

Before you participate in a bird auction, you need to make sure that you are already ready to take on the responsibility of taking care of the birds that you will win. Of course, it is already a given fact that the birds that you will get in an auction are "precious" birds and losing them because of poor treatment is definitely both a waste of money and of life.
pigeon control