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Electronic Devices Used for Pigeon Protection

While we are most familiar with pigeon netting and spikes when it comes to pigeon control, electronic devices are also slowly making it big in this industry. Many people do not trust electronic products as much as they trust the two common control methods but it is almost certain that in a few years, these products will eventually replace them. Here are some of these products:

1. "BirdXPeller PRO Bird Repeller"

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This is a sonic repeller that emits sounds which birds like pigeons find irritating. This particular device can cover an area of about half an acre in radius. Birds would consider this area as a "danger zone" and would not land anywhere in it. BirdXPeller is actually a distress "crier", meaning, it produces sounds which mimic the sound that the common predators of these birds produce. It has 8 sounds and the volume by which each of these sounds is emitted can be controlled by the user. It can even be set to have silent times and would "cry" only at specific times in order to mimic the real predators.

So far, there are 3 BirdXPeller models in the marker, these are: 1. BXP-PRO 1 (used for pigeons, gulls, sparrows and starlings), 2. BXP-PRO 2 (used for ravens, blackbirds, crows, cormorants and grackles), 3. BXP-PRO WP (used for sapsucker birds and the woodpeckers). These devices are quite expensive but they are really worth every penny. Regular price is around 240 euros. The additional batteries can cost up to $20 per set and the sun-operated charger is about $160. If you don't mind about the cost for as long as you get real protection from pigeons, then this device is right for you. Well, if you have more funds you can also try the Super BirdXPeller. These devices can cover up to 6 acres of land. This device costs 595 euros, excluding accessories.

2. "Mega Blaster PRO Sonic Bird Repeller"

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This device is for large-scale applications, it can cover up to 30 acres of land! It is mainly used for agricultural applications and acts similar to the BirdXPeller. But this one has to be set up in a tower for maximum coverage. It has 4 speaks and each of these speakers has an output of 125 decibels. It is even advised that people who come close to the tower must wear ear protections.

The Mega Blaster has eight pre-recorded audios of different bird predators and just like the BirdXPeller; you can also set the silent time mode of the device so that it will sound more realistic. The control operation of the tower is kept in a NEMA-type box which is also the same with the windmills and other tower-mounted devices. Additional features are: has 3 "harassment" sounds, 3 realistic "cries" form terrifying predators and has very power ultrasonic effects for high-impact noise.

3. "Ultrason-X Repel Birds"

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Of course, there are certain places that need protection from pigeons but cannot afford to have the noise coming out from the other devices. Gas stations, hospitals, hotels and restaurants are examples of such placed. The Ultrason-X is built for this type of an application. The device does not produce any sound; in fact it is called the "silent" bird repeller. It produces sound which is inaudible to the human ear but is already very irritating to birds. The set is comprised of four heavy-duty speakers and a separate control box. The speakers are directional and are connected to the control box by a 100 feet long wire. This means that each of these speakers can be conveniently places in the different corners of the area in order to ensure maximum coverage. It is very easy to operate and works with a 110 Volts power supply. The maximum area that it can cover in 3600 square feet, or about 900 square feet for a single speaker.

This device is highly programmable. It has three customizations: high, medium, and low. These settings indicate the frequency by which the ultrasonic sound is emitted by the device. Because of its special function, this device is quite expensive too. Relative to the area it can protect, it is way more expensive that the first two devices. It is currently $590 in the market, all accessories are still excluded.

4. "BalconyGard" Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

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If you are only seeking for a device that can protect you balcony or your porch from perching pigeons, then this device is a perfect choice. It is affordable, costing only about $60 each. It can produce irritating noises which pigeons cannot stand. Thus, instead of perching in your balcony or in your patio, they would rather go someplace else. This device is also pre-built with infrared sensors so that it only turns on when it senses a bird. This feature saves power and at the same time, it prolongs the life of the devices. The sound that it produces is still inaudible to the human ear. With this device, you can already protect your place from pigeon droppings and the dangers that these excretions can bring. And, since this device is mainly for outdoor application, it is also designed to withstand rain.

The user of the BalconGard should expect that the pigeons will not leave the balcony or the patio immediately after it is installed. The birds will still come back a couple of times more until they realize that the place is not conducive for habituation anymore. The user should also realize that this device does not work like throwing a pebble to the birds (which scares the birds right away). Assuming that you are a pigeon, you would experience irritating sensation that slowly builds up while you stay in the area protected by BalconGard. Eventually, you will not be able to stand the irritations anymore and you will have no other choice but to leave the place for good. The manufacturers of BalconGard assure users of a 70-feet area protection guarantee but some users have reported that the device was able to cover as much as 900 square feet. This device best works when accompanied by visual scarers like holographic predator eyes hanging from the ceiling or by owl images.
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