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The Smartest Ways to Approach Pigeon Control

Not a lot of people may be aware that pigeons are the smartest of all the bird species in the planet. You may not feel too relaxed after knowing this, thinking that it is possible for this type of birds to find their way out of your traps. You would have to think of better ways to prevent the otherwise, you will definitely suffer the consequences of not having been able to do more than expected. Thankfully, there are smart ways on doing that; smart ways which are sufficient enough to outsmart the pestering pigeons perching on your rooftops and vents.

How Smart Pigeons Are?

Being the most intelligent species of birds in the planet, they are capable of doing some feat that no other birds are able to do. One feat for example is the fact that they can actually recognize their reflection in the mirror. There are only 6 species of animals in the planet and pigeons are the only ones among these species which happens to be non-mammal.

You may not be able to teach a pigeon how to speak human, but you can actually teach them the alphabet. If given proper training a pigeon may recognize the entire 26 letters of the English alphabet. Trained with proper bird communication, it can translate the letters it has learned and therefore communicate with a human person. This approach of letter recognition has been used since World War II, wherein pigeons are employed to send secret messages or intel across war zones.

Did you know that pigeons can identify two different human beings in a photograph? If given the proper positive reinforcement training, a pigeon may be able to identify you from someone else, giving you the sole control and ownership of a pigeon if you take it for a pet.

Granting that a pigeon could have that much intelligence, you could say therefore that it is a much easier task to ensnare pest rodents in your house, or solve other pest issues that will take place, than planning on controlling pigeons. Ever since, apart from their sheer multitude, pigeon control has always posed a tremendous challenge to any homeowners in the world.

The Wrong (not-so-smart) Ways

Up to date, there are already many new innovations and a completely new breed of pigeon control methods at large. Consequential to the growing demand of the majority, the innovations have become more convenient and efficient over time, extending the coverage of protection to not only residential urban households but as well as commercial exterior areas. Later, people have realized that pigeons have a bad habit of pooping in almost everywhere it perches, even as it is on flight and that cleaning up the droppings happens to be just another challenging task apart from the fact that these droppings could bring about a handful of diseases. People then have sought ways to somehow immediately deal with the pigeon problems and have resorted to expedient lethal means. However, the environmental advocacy lobby clamours that such approaches should be stopped and therefore gave birth to the prevalence of the usage of humane pigeon control methods.

Here is a list of some of those smart (humane) methods:

Balloons and Foils

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You may think that balloons and foils are only good to be used on parties. But guess what? They could actually be used as a pigeon control method as well. You see, birds like pigeons often identify brightly colored large objects as predators and they would feel intimidated by the presence of anything that resembles such. Therefore, when you place a balloon, colourful to catch a flying creature's attention, which also dances and weaves with the motion of the wind, they could pretty much serve as a scarecrow at your rooftop. Foils could also help prevent pigeons from perching in your balconies or roofs by reflecting the sun to glaring any flyer-by. However, foils may prove to be futile at night as there isn't enough light to reflect with. Same goes as well with balloons, as no matter how large and brightly colored they are, they would always be less visible at night.

Spike the Roof

Pigeons may be very good creatures of flight and they do pretty well in flying across long distances. However, sooner or later these creatures will seek rest and would definitely find a spot to land on. You now have to make sure that they're not taking R&R at your beloved rooftops. You can do so by installing bird spikes on it. It deters pigeons from landing and perching on your rooftops by providing spike obstacles on the area. Pigeons don't really like to complicate things, knowing that your house is not safe to land on because of all the spiky things on it, pigeons would most likely find someplace else to rest instead. This makes this method or device both humane and effective.

The Vexing Electrocution

One of the things most hated by pigeons is when they get annoyed with something and they would immediately take their course and leave. The same principle is applied with the use of electric shocks. The devices would emit electric shocks that slightly electrocute pigeons that perch by in the area. However, these devices run on batteries, and you have to ensure that these devices would keep on running; otherwise you already know what will happen to your house.

The Sticky Solution

Earlier, it was mentioned that annoyance is one of the pigeon's greatest circumstantial enemies. Since purchasing electric pulsating devices could cost quite much and if you happen to be that kind of person that thrifts in everything, then purchase a sticky gel or create one instead. The sticky solution may not repel pigeons right away. But it definitely gives quite a deterrence to pigeons once they are acquainted with how annoying the gels could get. Pigeons get stuck in the gel solutions for a while and would begin to flutter their way out. Once they have identified that area as an unlikely place to perch into, they will no longer come back to have more of the vexing feeling.
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