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Sound Emitting Pigeon Control Device

Most people would think that sound emitting devices are less to not effective at all in dealing with pest problems inside the house. Sometimes this can be true depending on the type of pest being dealt with or how the device is used particularly in terms of installation and the location of the installation. These factors are often the causes why the sound emitting device will be rendered les useful or ineffective at all. Therefore, you have to make certain that you have placed the devices on the most strategic locations as possible. However, the efficacy of the device may also depend on the quality of the device itself. If you happen to purchase a second rate brand of sound of emitting device, which happens to be a total rip, then most likely the device will fail in its purpose due to the substandard components it is comprised with. Therefore, you also have to make sure that when you purchase a sound emitting pest repellent device, you purchase them at the most reliable store that the general people know or the most trusted brand of such a device. In this article we will be giving you one of the most reliable and popularly used sound emitting bird repellent devices at present.

Also, other points that will be discussed in this article are how to install the device, what are the types of devices should you compound the sound emitting device with, and how it works. Such pointers may come in handy when you are about to install the device and if you are to ensure that it will truly work in deterring the pestering pests away from your house. Most people are too lazy to innovate the functionality of the device that's why it often fails in their output. We will also be incorporating some tips on how to make the device work effectively and of course there will also be an identification as to which types of pests will it work with.

The Ultrasonic Sound Emitting Device

One of the primer innovations of technology that deals with pest pigeon control is the discovery of sound as a powerful deterrence against any pigeon. Knowing that sound can actually prevent pigeons from roosting or perching in your property, scientist have long invented devices that incorporate the functionality of sound as a factor to combat pigeon infestation. Thus, we now have what we call the Ultrasonic Sound Emitting Device. Such device is commonly used by many household across the world in order to deal with their bird problems at home. Not only are they installed in households, but they are also being used in vast varieties of establishments, from boats to office establishments in urban areas. Such devices have proven its effectiveness throughout time since it first came into the pest control market. Though the predecessors of the present generation of sound pigeon deterrent devices weren't as effective as they are now, but through constant improvement and innovation, we now have the most potent mean to thwart any unwanted flyers.

The device can actually be considered as two devices into one since it has dual different features that cater different aspects of deterring any bird incursions. Its first side of functionality refers to the ultrasonic frequencies that produce sonic sound frequencies which are actually harmless to the natural environments as well as to human beings. Except for those who happen to have highly sensitive sense of hearing, they will most likely detect the sound being produced out of this device. Nevertheless, the sound they will probably hear are just nearly inaudible ringing sounds which most likely will not cause any hassles to anyone, though you may experience a slight discomfort at first. Rest assured, the discomforting feeling will eventually come to pass right away as one could easily foster a level of tolerance to it. The second aspect of the device is actually bird voice simulating machinery, wherein the device mimics that distress calls of actual birds. When birds hear distress calls from another bird, they will most likely stay away from the location where the distress call originated. Therefore, the device doesn't only give a nuisance feeling to the birds hearing senses, it also scares them away.

Just in case, there are certain people within the household who apparently can't tolerate the other sounds that the device produces, they can be conveniently turned off, leaving only the ultrasonic to function. These ultrasonic sounds are nearly impossible to be heard by humans unless of course a person happens to have very keen sense of hearing. However, the best results of the deterrent device relies on both its sound functions, therefore it is advisable to switch both mechanisms on.

The device actually comes with four pieces of speakers. The ultrasonic sound the device creates circulates through the four output speakers. Better effects can be attained if it is placed to create a surround sound effect feeling. The ultrasonic function of the device works 24/7 while the other sounds can be configured according to your personal preferences.

Compound Devices

The device in itself is already potently effective. But still, it would be best if you could employ other methods or devices to aid the device in keeping the annoying birds away. One compatible device is the bird laser. Bird lasers are devices that produce laser lights to distract birds in their flight. The laser light can be too strong for birds to tolerate and often it signals danger to birds that come by. Birds will eventually turn away from your house because of the perceived pseudo-danger. Along with the ultrasonic device, the effects can be both quite compelling and convincing.


Setting up the device can be quite a hassle especially if it's your first time using it. It would be advised that you seek out instructional manuals or a professional guidance first before you install the device. Professional assistance would enable you to strategically place the devices properly in order to achieve optimal effect and quality output.
pigeon control

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