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Yep, pigeons are extremely cute, but what happens when they don't let you enjoy your clean property by messing around and actually causing a lot of damage? You need to do something about it! You need to consult the existing pigeon control options, solutions which are going to give you the opportunity to get rid of these pest birds once and for all. Today we are also going to talk and suggest our readers some more interesting ideas about deterring pigeons and keeping them away from your property. It's also time to take into consideration one interesting methods called netting. So be ready, take a paper and a pen because some of the issues that we are going to analyze today here might be very useful for you folks and those who are homeowners and want to know and discover and be able to implement different techniques of bird deterring.

What is a Pigeon Deterrant?

Basically a pigeon deterrent represents or stands for a reliable solution (well not always that reliable but still it has to mean something pretty effective) that people, citizens and homeowners can use in order to get rid of pigeons on their property. In our previous posts on our blog we talked about many different techniques, visions, approaches, methods and ways to perform the whole pigeon control thing plus we had some time to analyze various more humane methods on how to keep pigeons away from a certain place without really killing them or using an agressive solution. For this article entitled "Pigeon Deterrent" we would like to say a few words about netting, a pretty well known technique that is used world wide, especially in large airports where some problem birds like pigeons can be a huge problem for airplanes and represent an important security measure.

Those who have been in various airports around the world have probably noticed that there are plenty of brids who tend to feed somewhere nearby. The larger number of birds, the more flocks of pigeons, for example, on an airport, the higher the chance for the engine of a certain airplane or flying machine to be invaded due to the powerful turbulence when the motor starts rolling. There were numerous cases when birds were simply "sucked in" those airplane engines thus causing a lot of damage and sometimes huge delays for the passengers in the whole daily flying schedule.

When talking about using nets (or netting) as a technique of pigeon removal we do not mean implementing it as a pigeon trap, but rather as an option of keeping those birds away from the place where you simply don't want them to land in order not to cause any damage. So as far as we know pigeon netting as another alternative deterrent method is something extremely useful when dealing with not so large areas near places that you want to keep absolutely safe. There are things and there are issues that might be used to get rid of these birds but when always purchasing another repellent or spikes to make them flying from one place to another when you have the opportunity to run an one time investment and have this protection against pigeons for a larger, much longer time-frame?

Most pigeon deterrent options however are made for you to be obliged to return to a certain type or model of extermination over and over again. While the real thing is to get rid of these birds as fast as possible, people always tend to earn something more from this and make it so in order to market products and get their constant buyers, people that really have a need in pigeon and bird control and many other different problems related to our feathered flying friends. To deter a pigeon one also might need a little bit of experience besides only the specific tools that you can find on most of the websites on the internet. Yes, there are things that people can't know. For example the existence of small details when dealing with installing nets for stopping pigeons to get into certain areas won't be usually published in articles even on the sites of professional pest control companies.

So than how comes that people still manage to overcome their ... hmm, let's call them "serious bird infestation problems". Well, most of the citizens of big cities (where many different species of birds live - pigeons exclusively of course) have been adressing these bird problems to professionals. Those who earn a pretty good living from doing what they are doing - helping others eliminate different pest related problems and issue in or outside of their properties. However, we are not talking about all kind of birds on this blog, we tend to show people how to deter pigeons mostly because this had to be a pigeon extermination related blog from the very beginning. We felt that something must be writen related to this problem because most of the sites that show up when you are searching for this type of information are sites of commercial companies which don't usually give you tips for free on how to work out your pigeon problem but give you their phone number. If you need them - call them. Simple as that.

Deterring pigeons is not that complicated if you know what you are doing. In our opinion it doesn't really matter what kind of method you are using, the main problem is that you need to understand that generally searching for the most humane methods that suit your need is something that will definitely help. Remember: you don't have to kill pigeons just for the sake of getting rid of this. This is absolutely absurd (sounds nice eh?). So, with that being said, let us remind our readers one more how great and safe pigeon netting can be if used properly. This is an excellent way to deter pigeons and make them safely stay away from their beloved natural environment which sometimes can be even your personal home. This is the way it is and you are about to discover something new if you will keep following the updated articles that will appear from time to time on this blog.

As we already had the chance to mention, such deterrents for pigeons can sometimes be a little bit pricey just for the single fact that it requires for you to purchase a good quantity of net in order to organize the whole zone around the place that you won't to keep them from landing. If we are talking about the roof of a building or house than nets can be used in order to deter pigeons easily. Installing them in special areas around the house can be an interesting experience and you can also test where are they coming from in most cases. Sometimes you'll deal with the idea of actually building some special type of net cages that will protect areas and zones but sometimes you'll just have to install nets in order to raise a wall between two buildings, an area specific for pigeons nesting and roosting. Thus, these unwanted flying feathered birds will have to be looking for some other places to live their life.

With that being said we would like to put and end to today's post. Remember folks, a good pigeon deterrent will always provide at least some kind of results in a rather short period of time. If it doesn't work, it means that you are doing something wrong. In case you feel that you don't have enough necessary experience to deal with this whole pigeon and bird repellent problem call some professionals and even if you don't have the necessary financial means to hire them as paid contractors you can still query them for at least some basic advice. While these guys work for serious companies they are still going to offer you some kind of reliable information in case of necessary, they are creating a brand for their firms - you know :)

Bless you all,
Lora Ricardo
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