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When talking about pigeon pest control a lot of people consider that it's okay to kill pigeons with poison, thus searching for various different solutions and options to get rid of these birds with the help of toxic repellents. Let us tell you that it's NOT OK to kill pigeons, especially with such violent and non humane methods. We are obliged to mention, from the very beginning that we are one hundred percent against such things and we are going to make everything possible to stop people from believing that in order to get rid of pigeons one has to actually brutally kill them. There are plenty of safe methods that one can use in order to keep pigeons away from landing in certain places. In this post we are going to mention why using pigeon poison is absurd and we are also going ramble about why concentrating on other more efficient and secure methods at the same time is definitely worth being.

People want to know why pigeons are choosing their house for nesting and roosting. Something is definitely attracting them and today we are going to talk about some of the things that might seem very interesting for most pest birds, especially pigeons in this case. When pigeons roost and try to build their nest in your attic, guess what attracts them the most - your attic. The way it is build, there might also be some cracks and secret entrances that you had no clue about. That is the primary reason why pigeons might find it extremely useful to roost near your attic and therefore to start building their "house" - causing some really bad damage to your roof and house walls at the same time. While simply cleaning the roof of your house or any other building doesn't seem to be such an important thing to take care about, the process of wall washing, sweeping and cleaning is going to be a pain if you try to do it. Besides knowing how to exterminate pigeons you'll have to learn a few tricks from the alpinists for climbing walls and washing them.

However, even if this seems and looks quite difficult and a little bit of hard work at the first sight it doesn't mean that you are allowed to use more easy ways of pigeon control like using special types of toxic poison. Yes, there are plenty of repellents against pigeons out there but you have to know how to use them properly and also read the instructions before attempting to do anything stupid with them. Some of our older readers claim that there are some really nice bird repellents out there that people classify as poison. However, these are efficient because they smell like feces and droppings of bigger and pigeon eating pray birds like owls, hawks and different types of vultures. It has been scientifically proved that most birds and because we are talking about pigeons in this case we'll name them in the first place have a quite professional sense of smelling everything that surrounds them one a distance of several square kilometers. Thus, this method of using such a feces smelling type special repellent against pigeons seems to look extremely efficient at the given moment.

There are plenty of various poisons to help homeowners, citizens and all the other individuals keep certain type of pest away from their houses, apartments and properties. On the other hand, being a little bit more attentive when dealing with such issues isn't something as special as people think it is. One has to understand that no matter what the real problem is there are people who act strange because they don't seem to understand that rice doesn't actually kill pigeons and that using old fashioned ways to exterminate them has passed by a very long time ago and that some of the people have to start doing things a totally different level. Nowadays we are here trying to explain that for a certain time frame (especially at the beginning) everyone is tempted to use methods that promise fast and incredibly magic bullet results. So, let us counter attack and remind you dear ladies and gentlemen, dear visitors of this blog, that something like this doesn't happen anymore and that if you are really into doing something fast and nice you need to learn the basics first and do it step by step.

A step by step guide to pigeon removal with the help of toxic pigeon repellents or some other type of pigeon poison is a topic that we won't be discussing on this blog because it is just too cruel and we, together with my husband, consider that even though pigeons are categorized as pest there are many things that you need to learn before just getting rid of them for the sake of getting rid of them. If you are tired of their droppings on your roof call a pigeon droppings cleaning companies and make them dissapear. You can also clean those on your own if you have the available time and you are focused on doing everything on your own. By the way, remember that most do it yourself pigeon control methods bring the best results because you are not only helping yourself, your family, your house, your propery and your land to stay in a better mind state but you actually learn how to do various things on your own, using resources, tools and instruments that can be found inside your house - this is the most interesting aspects that one should know about when talking about pigeons.

It is extremely interesting to let people know that most people are seeing pigeons as extremely complicated problems to deal with. In fact, the reality is a little bit different. Pigeons are just birds, like many of the birds that you and I see on a daily basis in the parks, on the fields, in the forest and in your town. The fact that these problem birds actually commit certain things that make people feel a little bit nervous and anxious is totally another thing and today we would like to talk with you about these aspects. If the town you live in has a small cathedral then you are familar with the phenomena we are about to relate today. It seems that you have seen the walls of the cathedral or church completely devastated by the pigeon droppings, debris and feces of pigeons that tend to land on the roof and just sleep there or roost or do anything that comes into their mind. One interesting issue to take into consideration is the fact that from time to time you are going to see professional cleaning companies getting rid of the droppings of the dirt from the wall and this could happen almost each and every month. Let's end this paragraph by mentioning that this is simply extremely profitable!

Guys, these companies that deal with cleaning the dirt and all the unpleasant things caused by these problem birds and not only are not interested by all possible means in loosing that spot where they earn a constant good commision and a buck each and every month. Finding a good solution for the pigeons that are roosting and flying over that cathedral or church in the center of your town means that they have no further job to do. So a simple yet logical though might transform it into no job, no work, no monies. This is how it works. If they had used spikes for stopping pigeons land on that certain building there would have been a totally another story. The spikes that we have been talking about on this blog for such a long time actually bring in some really nice results because spikes are nothing more or less than a physical barrier that simply stops and blocks any attempt made by pigeons to land in those areas from where it is quite comfortable to do all the bad things.

Now please take your time and imagine that if most bird feces cleaning companies would have used pigeon spikes to get rid of pigeons it would have been a real pain in the back part of their body to find work in that particular city. That's why most private inspectors and all those firms and companies that are pretty responsible in a way or another for pigeon control always seek not to offer those really great and long term solutions for homeowners to take advantage of. They are always looking to keep you as their constant client and guess what - make money from you over and over again. Even if this sounds horrible and some might claim that I'm not doing anything else but ruining their business - guess what? Something like this won't happen because from our previous experience we have discovered that in most of the cases people are just too lazy to do what they have to do. Another common tendency that we spotted at individuals that try to do some pigeon pest control work from time to time is that they give up early because their first or second attempt was wrong and they failed.

It is what it is. Pigeons are birds and we are humans. We claim to be smarted but sometimes win just because we are stronger. However, being stronger is not the ultimate goal that we are looking forward. There are plenty of other quite important things that we need to pay carefull attention to especially when seeking different ways to avoid pigeons roosting on your windows, in your attics or directly on your roof. This can definitely be avoided if you are doing things like you should. Those people who have a lot of questions and comments and are wondering what method we suggest almost everytime we post something on this site are more them welcome to read the articles on this blog from the very beginning because you are going to find out a lot of interesting resources that are going to open your eyes to the things that you have to be doing a long time ago. Now let's get back to the old saying "what goes around comes around" and let's see how can we atribute that to the fact that we are talking about pigeons and how to eliminate their presence from your property or roof.

When talking about what kind of poison to use against pigeons it is obvious that you should exclude this method from the very beginning i.e not eve think about it when you are being offered such an alternative. However, if things work this way and you have no other solution to control pigeon except using some kind of substance that would force them to stay away for a certain time frame that it is all about using not to strong repellents. First of all it is dangerous to do such things from the perspective of affective the environment that is surrounding you. You have to be attentive and do things carefully. Now, if you are not sure what kind of dose you should be using you better consult with the specialist from the hardware store because the secondary effects of a miss used poison for deterring pigeons can be fatal both for you, the people that live in your house and maybe for all the pets that are currently living around your house. We don't recommend using pigeon poison unless you know what you are doing. There have been a lot of unpleasant cases and we don't want something like this to happen once more. So take your take and carefully analyze all the options that you have in order to stay away from problems.

Using poison to get rid of pest pigeons is naive and won't work. You won't stop them with something like this. You are going to need (even if you think that I'm wrong at the very beginning) something more realistic as a method for this. People need physical barriers like spikes (yes, spikes again lol) to make them land in other places than their usual and loved ones. You cannot stop pigeons using methods that you think are efficient but in reality this isn't quite so. In reality, only what works matters. This is the truth and like people love to say - it is what it is. There is no reason to worry about the fact that your first several attempts of pigeon control weren't that good as you though it is going to get. You need to become certain of the method that you try and it works and then just add your own little twists and start implementing it a larger scale, little by little without being in a hurry. So let's see what the main ideas of this post are after all:

1. It is possible to get rid of pigeons with the help of pigeon poison.
2. We don't recommend it because we don't recommend any violent ways to eradicate pigeons and killing them in general.
3. Pigeon poison is a reliable method but works only in the short run - remember that you are looking for ways to keep pigeons again for quite a longer time.
4. Stay tuned because more information and testimonials about how to use certain types of the so called repellents and poisons in order to keep it safe are coming in.
5. Good luck in your pigeon control efforts :)

Bless you all,
Lora Ricardo
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