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Pigeon Traps

There are different pigeon control methods out there. In our previous posts we talked about different other interesting techniques that might be used in case of necessity when dealing with the problem birds on your property. Today we though that it might be a good occasion to start rambling a little bit about pigeon traps, trapping pigeons and how to trap this problem pest pigeon bird. While some of you might be a little bit accustomed to the idea of trapping birds and several methods which can be extremely handy, the majority of people don't quite understand why should birds be trapped and ever more, use this kind of approach as an efficient method of eradication.

Pigeon traps are specially designed metal cages which ease you the job of catching this birds from your roof and releasing them in other different places. We used to do a lot pigeon catching in the past and we also used cages and traps for pigeons in order to get so many of them that time came when we simply had no idea where to "export" them. After catching a lot of pigeons using different kind of manually made and bought traps we used to send them at long distances and release them in places where the bird population was dying little by little. When trying to perform this kind of bird eradication method you have to consult with your local bird protection organization, that might suggest some places where the pigeons/birds can be released for optimal results.

Pigeon trapping is considered to be a humane method that helps people to get rid of pigeons. It is more than effective, it is something that is going to help you get rid of most of the pigeon population and little by little you are going to realize that all your pigeon flocks are being moved from one place to another, naturally, without anyone to suffer a lot. There are plenty of ways to exterminate pigeons but most of them are rather cruel and violent and we don't recommend people using those in case you want to avoid pigeon debris and nesting, roosting or any other problems related to the presence of these birds on the roofs of your house or on your property in general.

There is no reason to worry, however, when applying the "trap pigeon" method because as you probably have heard before it is easy to install and pigeons are catching like crazy using this kind of method. First of all, it is necessary to mention the fact that most city and town pigeons became extremely accustomed to people and humans generally so they are basically no afraid of direct contact with you. That's why installing pigeon traps on roofs of houses and buildings is something that can be done with relative ease of course if you know what you are doing.

So let's say a few words about the trapping pigeon way of keeping pigeons at distance from your house, roof, attic, property, home, building, walls, city and town. Like we mentioned before, it is considered to be a very interesting and highly recommended method just because it is humane and does not speak about ways that would damage the overall population and flocks of pigeons from your local area. Installing pigeon traps and using them to catch pigeons seems to be something very attractive even for professional pigeon pest exterminators, people who got accustomed to using different strong repellents, poisons and deterrents in order to solve this issue with pigeons.

So why pigeon trapping is effective? Well, most of the other existing and highly practiced method like pigeon spikes and any other physical barriers only tend to keep them away from your own house and property but don't solve the problem of pigeons breeding, nesting and roosting on a large scale and constantly increasing. This has become a major problem in big cities lately and it might be considered something rather dangerous if some correct measures aren't taken. On the other hand, pigeon trapping stands for not only a safe and highly recommended method but it will also help you make sure that you are moving most of the members (if we can say so) of the pigeon population from one place to another and by doing this you increase the possibility of them disappearing once and for all.

Killing pigeons is not possible when using pigeon traps just because these metal cages are not that bad looking either. Just typical traps from where these trouble creating birds are moved at long distances far away from the cities where they tend to live, breed and build there nests. That's why we are not going to continue talking about the safety of this method because if you have a general idea about what pigeon traps are you should basically understand the whole deal. Nothing special here.

Most of the pigeons traps can be also be purchased in your local hardware store at a convenient price. If you tend to considerable do something about the pigeon problem in your local areas then you might also think about buying a few of those trap cages just to be sure that you have enough in case of emergency. This is what happens when you usually do not know how to deal with these cages. You purchase a lot of them but use merely only one because you don't understand when and were the problem pigeons can be cough and what is the real secret behind that.

Yep folks, the intense use of pigeon traps and the afterward removal of pigeons can be considered a method of solving the bird problem in your local zone, just with one condition: you have to do it correctly otherwise you are going to lose a lot of money, a lot of time and the most important: a lot of precious and impossible to get back healthy nerves that you are probably going to waste when trying to deal with these things. So when you want to try using pigeon traps just to get rid of these birds make sure you document yourself from the very beginning and check all your local pest extermination companies and local stores for more advice.

Remember, serious companies will always suggest you something for free because they tend to work on their name, brand, services and interaction with people, especially their future possible clients. In some cases, if you kindly ask them they might even help you with the pigeon traps method. Who knows. None until you try it yourself.

Bless you all,
Lora Ricardo
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