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How to Stop Pigeons

Those who know what kind of damage can be caused by pigeons probably understand that it is just a simple matter of time till everyone else (people that are owning a house or a building) start to feel the real importance of knowing how to stop pigeons and control them from coming near your property. With that being said we would like to approach another interesting idea that has to do with stopping birds, especially pigeons from coming close to your house. This is something that most people don't want to understand. In order to get rid of pigeons efficiently one has to keep them away from landing on your property (your roof, attic, etc) and not to just exterminate them with the help of all possible means, methods and techniques that might come through your head or you have read about them on the internet. Before doing something stupid please take your time and read through our pigeon pest control blog starting from today (in case this is your first visit here).

If you want to know how to stop pigeons you have to be in touch with the majority of available methods of eradicating these birds. When we use terms like extermination, elimination, eradicating and killing, it doesn't always mean that we actually work this violently when doing the usual pest control inspection and helping out someone. In most of the cases we are just looking to show people and those that have a need in getting rid of pigeons on their attic that there also exist more humane methods of pigeon control than the one offered by professional exterminators. This is our main goal. While pigeons do produce a lot of damage and make homeowners waste a lot of money on repair and repainting of walls and removal of their nests from the roof holes and attics, it doesn't mean that you have to continue to search for any kind of methods for pigeon removal.

Our main goal for this post about how to stop pigeons efficiently and make them stay away from your house is to present you, once again, one of the most efficient ways to keep your property land clean from these type of birds. Besides repellents, deterrents, nets and various kind of traps, pigeons are easy to keep at a certain distance with the help of a revolutionary method (which was lately implemented but has been used for centuries even from ancient times) called falconry. With falconry you are not only going to stop pigeons from doing what they did on your property but you are also going to make them fear even flying close. The art of falconry deals with having pray birds surveill the air space around and next to your home and building that you are looking forward to protect from pest pigeons, therefore offering maximum efficiency. Pigeons have a very accurate and well developed smell and can feel danger of a carnivore bird from kilometers away. That's why having a hawk patrolling near your house is a good way to deal with pigeons.

When someone mentions how to use pigeon spikes you should automatically start asking more questions. At the given moment, spikes for exterminating pigeons are probably one of the most efficient method to stop pigeons from coming on your land, from landing on your attic and nesting on your roof. You have the chance to stop them from roosting and this is all possible with the help of this awesome invention called spikes. However, there are some organizations out there that claim that spikes are pretty dangerous and might be lethal for birds of various kinds and even pigeons. Well, this is not true, the spikes that we are talking about are not even made from metal, these are plastic spikes that just tend to appear as a impenetrable physical barrier for most of birds and mostly pigeons thus making them stay away from landing on certain places and surfaces of roofs. It works pretty cool and we can state from our own experience that it is an awesome method to put into practice.

Understanding the real methods that are going to help you stop pigeons in the long run doesn't needs a lot of hard work and for you to be a wonderkid. You can read the instructions of each and every methods that you are about to implement and you are done. Really there is nothing special about pigeon control and stuff that people claim to be extremely dangerous. There are things out there in this world that are even more simple than you though they were, it just requires a little bit of time and understanding to get it going. In most of the cases it is just a matter of experience and skill. However, if you want to use pigeon nets to get rid of their droppings this is something that won't simply work because it is absurd. Cleaning the feces produced by pigeons and also getting rid of their damaged nests that smell very powerful and sometimes are around your house can be done with a simple sweeper or by calling some house cleaning services in your local town. Basically anyone can do pigeon control you just have to know why you need it and what kind of method might suit you better.

In most of the cases (once again) spikes are very appropriate, but you never know. It all depends on the region and state you are currently living it. Sometimes the laws of the state can allow you to implement more drastic methods like to kill pigeons and in such a case (especially if you are a hunter) you can afford to take your shotgun and head hunting because sooner or later you are going to realize that something like this is simply effective. Don't ever try to do it in case you are not sure if its legal or not because in the long run you can even bring more trouble on your poor head than you currently have when dealing with pigeon issues and dirt around your house. Most ways to stop pigeons that we presented and talked about on this site are just to support and make you consider the options out there. Further, it's your decision to take it to another level, the level of exection or just leave it the way it is and hire the professional pigeon pest control companies to deal with it.

While this might sound a little bit funny, sometimes trying to stop pigeon problems is like fighting in an old kung fu movies because it might take a lot of time to see results and understand how is the winner. We have a lot of experience, either private experience or things that come from people that have something to tell us and write us email explaining methods that they tried and never seen any results. Thus, it is very important to mention that when stumbling upon some difficult pigeon problems the first thing one must do is calm down and think lightly. Trying to do everything possible and using the most cruel methods like using toxic repellents and other deterrents isn't going to give you the satisfaction of using totally safe and secure methods and getting rid of them at the same time.

So, when trying to stop pigeons or just finding out how to do it you have to carefully analyze the laws of the state you are currently living in. This is not joke and we are extremely serious about it. Pigeons, like many other wildlife beings play a very important role and sometimes you have to be extremely attentive before trying to simple get rid of them. Most of the pigeon control methods are executed in such a way for it to take less time and to provide results in no time. However, there are plenty of negative effects that might appear, either in your surrounding environment and with your local authorities. So pay careful attention to what you are doing before messing around cause it is going to bring and cause some really unexpected issues. Enough said for today.

Wishing you success in all your pigeon control efforts :)

Bless you all,
Lora Ricardo
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