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The Law Regarding Pigeon Control

While pigeons can potentially become a pest in one's household, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can be trigger happy about killing them all. In fact, you can't do that because there are certain laws that govern and protect pigeon species. In the same way, all species of the planet are protected by certain rights to preserve their longevity. Pigeons aren't that different despite their population multitude and density, creatures of earth as they are they still deserve to be protected no matter what. It is now your responsibility to know these rules and regulations pertaining to the protection of this bird species to uphold the entire thought of preserving them as well as to avoid legal infringes that could lead to your own hassles.

There are things that you have to consider when dealing with pigeons infestations with whatever way you know possible to deal with them. One consideration is the place that you are currently into. While there are certain places in the world that don't prohibit killing these pestering flocking birds, there are other places as well that uphold ordinances regarding not killing them and or using the appropriate approaches prescribe by the rules and regulation being upheld. For example, there are certain states in US that strictly prohibit the use of guns to shoot down pigeons, as they believe that this is not a humane way in dealing with such poor creatures and also, they may cause impending accidents to inhabiting human beings nearby, including the executor himself. Such things should be taken into consideration first before taking any method or approach in dealing with pigeon control. One best way to prevent any legal ramifications and sanctions later is to know first by researching the rules pertinent to the specific area you are currently into. Libraries and the internet may come in handy when dealing with gathering information.

In UK, rules are strictly implemented when it comes to pigeon control and other bird issues on the area. The control of feral pigeons, and as well as the other birds that are endemic in the area is legislated by DEFRA or Department of Environment, Food and Rural affairs under the courtesy of the provisions of The Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981. The laws and provisions created under the collaboration of the two legal entities have protected bird species in UK since time immemorial and have effectively preserved the species. Chapter 69 of the act mainly discusses about the proper management of wildlife, the provision of specific licenses, and of course wildlife conservation. DEFRA makes it a point to oversee and charter any necessary rules and regulations that deal with the issues regarding wildlife conservation; however, it doesn't provide any pest pigeon control services as it is no private pest extermination agency. Neither is DEFRA responsible for solving the bird issues that take place worldwide. Naturally, the responsibility of provide the necessary pigeon control solutions is a sole duty of the land or property owners themselves.

However, DEFRA provides information drives and leaflet dissemination that deliver the necessary guidance and advises on how to deal appropriately deal with pigeon problems without having to resort in any lethal means. It targets that awareness of the general public, to inform them of the possible legal sanctions they would have to undergo if they resort into the wrong means of dealing with pigeon problems. DEFRA also provides personal counsel to anyone who wishes to seek their advices regarding wildlife and or bird preservation. However, they will not be responsible for taking care of the extermination job.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 Definition

The definition of this act is as follows:

"An Act to repeal and re-enact with amendments The Protection of Birds Act 1954 to 1967 and the Conservation of Wild Creatures and Wild Plants Act 1975; to prohibit certain methods of killing or taking wild animals; to amend the law relating to protection of certain mammals; to restrict the introduction of certain animals and plants; to amend the Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act 1976; to amend the law relating to nature conservation; the countryside and National Parks to make provision with respect to the Countryside Commission; to amend the law relating to public rights of way; and for connected purposes."

The act is a lengthily detailed document that encompasses the different varieties of issues that concerns the preservation of the wildlife species of the area. This would mean that the act is inclusive of the pigeon control issues and all other bird problem concerns.

Commonly Encountered Problem

Despite the sincerity of the act to guide people with the necessary appropriate information regarding pigeon-control, certain specific details concerning the approaches may prove to be quite difficult to find and people may often take less interest in reading through the relevant information that the act provides. Tantamount to that difficulty is the hassling plausibility of having someone from the implementers of the act to assist and guide with you the needed information considering the sheer size of the organization that upholds the act and the numerous departments that comprise their entire organizational entity. The entire process of accessing the needed information may be time consuming and quite laborious. The initiative to counter such problems is to design the document to provide the layman with the relevant overview of the act in such a way that the entire idea of the act is made easily understandable. If a layman would react through the documents, he or she would understand immediately the implications of the act and as well as how he or she would now deal with any pigeon-related issues. One has to ensure that the approaches he or she would employ would fall under the scope of the law provided.

One thing that every individual should be wary of when dealing with pigeon control, is that despite the prevalence of the pigeon control business, one could not be fully reliant that all of these businesses are aware of the act and therefore, there is a possibility that one pigeon control firm may potentially be using approaches outside of the scope of the wildlife preservation law.
pigeon control

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