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Pigeon Loft Basics

Pigeons as pets can be quite controllable. Unlike having pet cats or dogs or any other critters, they don't litter around everywhere, and you wouldn't have to keep track all the time of the mess that they do to your home as they can actually be confined in one place like a cage or a loft that would encapsulate all the mess that they do instead having scattered all around the house. However, there is a need for you to ensure that level of control by making it a point that their lofts are well built. If you don't build a well-secured loft for your pigeon pets, there is a big possibility that they may cause hassles to you and to your clean and peaceful living. Plus, it would also risk in the danger of losing your pet knowing that pigeons do fly and they may very well escape your domestication. Therefore, you have to make sure that your pigeon's pet house is sturdy and has the necessary capacity to control all the mess that pigeon do. However, you need to know first how to do that.

More than half the time, people who have pet pigeons build pigeon lofts out of haste and immediate urgency, making their pigeon lofts quite unstable and unable to sustain the pigeons living in it. The truth is, there are prim and proper ways to do about building a pigeon loft than just hammering nails and woods to create a box. The dimensions should be well forecasted as well as the interiors should be well braced. There are also other factors that have to be considered so that your pigeon pets will be able to live in peace and harmony and not in unintentionally inconvenient restriction. As a good pet owner, you would want your pet to not feel as pets but instead they would feel like that they belong. Even though that they are just animals, they do somehow feel the sense of difference between being imprisoned and the feeling of being in a good habitat and it is your responsibility as the owner to make sure that they do feel the latter.

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The basics in building a good pigeon loft is quite simple and you really don't have to consider rocket science on it. In fact, most of it is just common sense and the preparations you would need are not necessarily found in high end stores. You can readily find all the preparations you would need in your garage and your toolbox. In this article you will find the most important and crucial considerations in building an effective pigeon loft. The rest of what has to be done can be derived from your resourcefulness and creativity. Make sure that you read through the points in this article thoroughly and understand what they meant. Rest assured, if you are able to follow through and understand all the factors to be considered enlisted in this article; you will surely have a better pigeon loft which will definitely make your pets feel better being domesticated by you.

1. Proper ventilation

You have to understand that like humans, animals also need a breath of fresh air every time to ensure that they do live healthily. Make sure that there is sufficient ventilation in the pigeon loft that you are building. Create windows and openings big enough to permit sufficient air into the loft and at the same time not that big to warrant escape for your pets. You may opt to create a pigeon loft that looks like a cell instead of creating a close house that would most likely restrict the circulation of fresh air. If a loft is created this way, ventilation will surely not going to be a problem at all.

2. Make sure it's dry

You have to be aware that moisture or sudden shifts in the humidity within the area is a primary factor that causes the sickness of birds. Therefore, you have to ask yourself when building the pigeon loft, "will it really stay dry?" Make sure that the location of your pigeon loft is far from areas where it will get wet when it rains. You also have to make sure that the loft is elevated from the ground as ground temperatures could often cause the wood components of your pigeon loft to go damp. Nothing good will ever come out from a wet or damp environment, especially to your pet birds. Install a pole to elevate the loft from the ground and make sure that you make use of a wood that is sturdy and wouldn't easily brittle even if it gets old over time. You can also opt for wood (plywood) flooring installed on your loft to make sure that the interiors would stay dry. This is still an effective to insulate dampness within the loft.

3. Sunshine

Sunlight is important to all living creatures. And you don't have to be a genius to know that your pet pigeons will also need that. Therefore, make sure that apart from proper ventilation and wetness insulation, your pigeon loft is also inductive of sunlight. Make sure that the loft is not utterly boxed out of light cause that would eventually weaken the inhabiting pigeons in it. Make sure that the loft has sufficient openings to permit sunlight. You may also make it a point that the loft is placed on locations where it will be directly hit by sunlight during mornings.

4. Easy to Maintain

Of course, you would have to clean your pigeon loft from time to time to make sure that your pet pigeons don't contract diseases from its unsanitary surroundings. Pigeon dumps are often the causes why pigeons contract diseases that could potentially lead to their fatality. You may be able to grant yourself full access in cleaning up your pigeon loft by installing detachable components to it. This will enable you to access the interiors of the loft and properly clean every part of it.
pigeon control

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