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Pigeon Control - Do It Yourself

Do you know why pigeon control seems complicated at the first sight? People claim that a lot of work is actually involved when on the other hand this is just not correct. The overall learning process is a little bit more complicated then you think it is, but this doesn't mean that it consumes a lot of your energy, thus making it extremely difficult. On this site we discuss issues that are closely related mostly to different ways to get rid of pigeons, how to control pigeons in the short run, long time efficiency in pigeon removal and many other interesting aspects that most of the homeowners worldwide but mostly in the USA are currently dealing with. We want to make this clear once and for all and for everybody in here. Pigeons are considered to be pest, in fact everything that contributes to house or property damage can be classified as pest; however, even if people are looking for solutions to eradicate pigeons once and for all, everyone should be very attentive when getting things done. First of all pay close attention to the methods that you will use because these are going to play an important role. We are not talking about efficiency here and the results you are going to get but about the wildlife management laws of the state you are currently living it. So this might be the first aspect to analyze when trying to manage pigeons on your own (do it yourself methods of controlling pigeons)

What really bothers most people that are looking for DIY pigeon deterrents is the real efficacy of these methods in the long run. Please don't worry about these issues. If you are doing everything right you are going to have the expected results. In each and every article on this blog we tried to answer to different questions that our visitors and readers would like to find the answer to. However, when people are closer then they think they are, they usually start messing with dangerous, strong and powerful pigeon repellents that prove to be short term solutions for the problems that they are dealing with. We recommend people to pay close attention and to study all the possible non violent methods of pigeon management and only after that go into doing things on their own. This doesn't mean that we underestimate your potential of learning to do things fast. This is wrong. We just want to make sure that you don't mess things around like all the beginners that are looking for pigeon elimination options are doing. Killing pest birds, in this case pigeons, is wrong. You have to find other methods.

There is no magic bullet when dealing with pigeon extermination. It is obvious that something like this won't simply happen overnight till you gain enough skill and experience and learn how to do it with maximum efficiency, less work and optimize the results that you get in order to be able to help those around you either with some kind of advice, either with direct help. Anyway, it is important to concentrate all your efforts in learning how to properly do things and then try to find the best ways to kill pigeons for example (even if we are totally against violent methods of pigeon control). If you have been reading the articles and information that we tend to publish on this site from time to time you already know that we try to promote safe techniques that are going to keep you away from trouble and of course bad karma. A lot of homeowners just ignore these rules and sometimes stumble upon extremely dangerous things in their life. This is due to the fact that sooner or later it is just going to get in the wrong direction. If you plant good things you are going to get them back. Don't expect miracles to happen without your attribution.

If you are on of those first day followers of our blog you probably realize that most of the people in here know why they are here. Some of the information that is being shared in here is totally unique and you must just stick to what you learn and try to obtain the best results from this. We always talked about various strong pigeon repellents that might help you get rid of all the pigeon issues that a certain homeowner could deal with in the long run. Something like this is not accepted by most of the pest control companies out there and if you were attentive you already know why. These folks want to profit from what they are doing. They don't give information and provide their services for free. Now imagine if their clients wouldn't have a need they might simply lose their business in one single night. That's why we talk about how unprofitable is to offer citizens and certain individuals long term solutions for their pest pigeon management needs. Some things in this world never change. However, if you are smart enough you just have to make sure that you learn from everything that happens to you.

We have to admit that using pigeon repellent isn't that bad if you are the person that has the patience to read the instruction, to search for some testimonials and reviews on the internet and only after that try to incorporate things that tend to keep you rolling. Add your twist, experiment a little bit and you are good to go. Remember not to use strong repellents in a large dose when doing it for the first time because it can easily affect all the other living beings including plants around your house. It's definitely hard to choose the right repellent to get rid of pigeons. There are simply thousands on the pest control market today. Every company that mass produces them claims that their latest one is the best and that it simply makes no sense to purchase from those companies that are in direct competition with them. So how does a beginner act like in such a case? Is it something that people should worry about? Is it really necessary to start purchasing repellent after repellent just in order what will stick and suit you better for all your do it yourself pigeon control needs? Well, there must be a way out of this and we are about to share what you have to do in such a case.

Fortunately, you are one of those millions of users and humans world wide that knows what internet is, how to use it to look for different kind of information. Now, when you have a similar need you are more than welcome to use the services provided by most search engines companies and just query what you are looking for. Even if you stumble upon results from different large stores like Amazon it is still fine because you'll manage to read reviews and recommendations, suggestions and comments from people that bough that particular product (in this case a pigeon repellent) and that wanted to share their honest opinion with the rest of the world. Well, if you know what we are talking about here than you might already get the idea that honesty on the web is something that we not always see everyday. That's why one has to be very skeptical when reading a product review, especially if this is something truly positive, more often sounding like a sales pitch. We recommend people to read at least ten or twenty good reviews and description of different products before deciding to acquire something.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are obliged to admit: "We love pigeon spikes!" This is probably the greatest and the most optimal way to get rid of pigeons that was ever invented by humans. Installing spikes is no big deal at all. Just follow the indications and the suggestions that you are going to get in the instruction and you'll be fine. In our opinion pidgeon spikes represent the ultimate pigeon deterrent no because it just stands out as a good and extremely hard to defeat barrier but because it really makes the different between what you are doing. It is safe, spikes are basically transparent and one can hardly notice them from the ground. Most pigeon spikes are quite cheap so you don't have to waste a lot of money on that. At the same time it is important to get the main idea about spikes: NON VIOLENT METHOD. Yes, that's positively true. One has to understand that in most of the cases it is what you get. Pigeons are not directly affected, exterminated, killed or assaulted by spikes so you have the opportunity to indirectly force them to land on trees instead of your roof, windows and attic.

There probably hasn't been one single post on this site where we haven't at least mentioned something about pigeon spikes. If you are new (a beginner) than you might have the chance to wonder what the heck is going on here. Why do the authors of this blog really pay so much attention to these spikes. After all nothing special is related to them - just some spikes that keep pigeons away. Nevertheless, in comparison with all the other tools and devices that most of the citizens, homeowners and building owners use spikes are simply perfect. Nothing more to be said here because all we are going to do is just repeat everything that has been claimed, mentioned and revealed so far. Don't be lazy and read the articles published on this blog from the very beginning. This is least you can do at the given moment. Just take your time (you might also take a deep breath) and proof read all the older articles, from January 2009 till this day. We are sure that you folks are going to stumble upon things that you never thought about before. It is compulsory if you are looking for cheap pigeon control methods that can be done by oneself at home.

When talking about do it yourself pigeon pest control it's also necessary to mention something about pigeon extermination and get rid of all the wrong ideas related to this concept. Exterminating something means brutally getting rid of it without taking into consideration the consequences. However, when you are running some kind of pest control inspection you have to think about the secondary effects otherwise you are doomed to take upon yourself everything that will come in the long run. We always tried to stay the heck away from violent bird control, therefore offering only humane pigeon control solutions for your ultimate needs. Something like this might be very hard to understand at the very beginning but believe it or not it's very important not to get rid of pigeons just for the sake of removing them once and for all. It has to be done extremely attentively and a lot of things are and need to be analyzed and taken into consideration.

We always recommend people to use plastic pigeon spikes and not because we are pretty good at using such type of physical barriers for keeping pigeons at a certain distance but because platic spikes for getting rid of pigeons are extremely effective (either in the short or in the long run). If you are new to these types of pigeon pest control ideas we recommend you to read our post dedicated to pidgeon spikes where you'll learn probably a lot of new and interesting ideas. One has to acknowledge that things change in this life and so do the techniques and methods that can be used to get something done. In terms of pigeon pest control, it is what it is and you have to always pay attention to the new inventions that are appearing on the market and it doesn't matter if you are a professional pest exterminator or just looking to get rid of pigeons from your property or any type of solution and help that will offer you the possibility to keep pigeons from landing on your roof and in your attic and roosting. Even though it might sound funny to those that have never experienced these issues it still remains an important problem and people should pay more attention to it.

A lot of new people that experience the pigeon problems always seek fast solutions to get rid of them. They don't want to dedicate at least one hour and to read something that might change the way they generally see pigeons and other feathered beings as pest. Do not let yourself be intrigued by killing pigeons becase this is not the way to do it. We have researched a lot of pigeon shooting related websites and would like to say that we are not impressed at all of what we have seen there. Can you folks imagine that people are actually advertising and showing what kind of rifles and guns most of the homeowners that don't have mercy use to get rid of pigeons? This is awful in our opinion and since this blog deals only with natural and humane methods of pigeon control this is what we are going to write, talk and promote about in the near future. If you wonder how to kill pigeons that this blog is not for you because we designed it to be for those that would like to put some work, sweat and dedication and manage to eliminate the pigeon problem while using totally safe methods.

Brutally eradicating pigeons means that you are lazy and that you simply don't want to pay any kind of attention to the consequences that might occur in the long run. Any humane pigeon removal technique is fine as long as it is really humane and doesn't need any dangerous strong repellents in order to push pigeons away from landing on or near your roof. Their roosting process is terrible and most of the people that had the opportunity (unfortunatelly) do deal with something like this know what we are talking about. There is nothing you can do to change the way pigeons act in this life. This is the way they live, this is the way they exist. On the other hand, changing some of the surroundings around your house is going to help you achieve that special results with no pigeons present near your living place. We tested a lot of methods in the long run and would like to say that the pest control industry is facing some kind of difficult problems to convince homeowners about the safety and the security of a certain method that they are about to use while helping them to get rid of the flying pest pigeons.

Pigeon removal shouldn't be done in a hurry. Before anything else, like when dealing with any kind of other pest, a professional pest inspection (pigeon control inspection) is necessary. You can either do it yourself or you can easily hire a contractor from any pest control company out there that is going to show you what a homeowner must look attentively at when running something similar. If you want others to do it you can still watch from behind and learn how it is done. Afterwards you can do the same inspection for pigeon problems yourself even in the future, without being obliged to pay anyone else. Just learn and see all the things that we are talking about on this blog like small time investments in your knowledge, experience, skills. Removing pigeons means getting rid of them. We urge our new visitors, readers and subscribers to start doing what should a beginner do. Pay attention to the basics, read as much as you can and learn things if you have found all of them compiled in one single place on the web. This is our most important recommendation for today.

Even though the majority of fresh/new homeowners that just bough or acquired a house have no idea how to work on different home improvement issues around their house there are still some attentive folks that managed to implement those methods based on the tips and tricks that we talk about on this site and had stumbled upon the success of finally getting rid of pigeons after the very first attempt. It is something that most of you should try, even if you don't manage to get the same results. Don't be obssesed by the idea that you don't know what you are doing. This is something that has to be tested in thousands different ways before you can notice someting moving on. It all depends on the circumstances and the surrounding environment. Getting rid of pigeon droppings is usually done by simply cleaning the dirt after them, which is a simple methods that might be categorized in the natural pigeon pest control field.

Have you ever heard about pigeon traps? Well, these are used to catch pigeons either because you just want to use them for your own purposes or you want to collect them for selling (yep there are plenty of people that do business with pigeons either by getting rid of them or just selling to different companies). Using traps to catch homing pigeons is something extremely nice. One must incorporate the use of traps for this or her activity without causing any harm to these bird. Even though the usage of pigeon traps cannot be considered a full time pest control method it is still something that is worth to talk about when the discussion is led by the do it yourself pigeon control idea. Many of you have asked in the past about traps that might be used to trap pigeons and after catching them just release them away after driving them in the car for a long period of time and distance. Yes, we understand that you are concerned about using traps and it's time to set some things straight here.

When talking about using pigeons traps to get rid of our feathered friends we actually mean to catch them. Pigeons and other pest birds that you have probably already heard of do not live individualy. Most of these birds exist in huge flocks. Now just try and imagine for a single second that in order to get rid of pigeons with the help of traps you have to catch all the pigeons in a certain flock that consider roosting and nesting around your house something extremely nice. Therefore the effort is just not worth the results. In such a case you should ask for the real purpose of pigeon traps before acquiring them in your local pest control store (it might also be your city hardware store). Do not be deceived by the idea that you can use the trapping of pigeons as a reliable pigeon control methods. This is something that won't bring any results in and you'll give up sooner then you expected. Trapping pigeons is just not for use those who are interested in simply keeping pigeons away from landing and causing damage to our houses and attics.

A good pigeon deterrent is a detterrent that works (read is efficient). We are not trying to sell people and all those that really have a need something that simply won't offer them the expected results. It's necessary to understand the fact that we are only concerned about helping people achieve their goals using the methods of pigeon pest control that we have been talking about on this site for such a long time. Shooting pigeons for example is not an option that you must take into consideration. It is violent and as we stated for aproximately a few hundred times in order for our readers to not get the wrong idea - we are totally against brutal, violent and aggresive methods of pigeon control. It is something that has to be totally ignored if someone is looking for real ways and opporunities to live without the extreme day by day concern that it's necessary to wake up early in the morning, take the sweep and just start cleaning the pigeon droppings from your roof and seeing what else has happend in in your attic overnight. With the aid and support of a good pigeon dettterent you can easily forget about these time consuming issues and afford to sleep a few hours more in the morning.

Some people don't want to admit it but we have to state that one of the most unpleasant, smelly and really ugly problem related to pest birds is their droppings (yep - pigeon droppings folks). You cannot live near them, you cannot afford to clean them everyday. Not a long time ago professionals did a very good and quality experiment related to feces that we have to deal with because of pigeons, especially in big cities like London, New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Miami, etc, etc, etc. Pigeon debris cleaning companies are earning a lot and basically their business is based on the simply fact that pest birds cause dirt and their droppings are unfortunately situated on the first place. Scientists also claim that these feces can be a perfect medium for spreading different viruses related to certain diseases and all kind of micro beings that can pass to humans and infect them. While this might sound a little bit dangerous, we recommend our readers to maintain a calm state of mind and don't take all the issues that are being talked about and analyzed directly. It doesn't worth it.

So - waking up each and every day with the unpleasant though in your mind that the next thing you have to do is cleaning pigeon droppings is something that you have to forget about. Just concentrate on trying to eliminate their presence from where they are situated at the moment (your attic, roof, windows, etc) and you are going to simultaneously get rid of their droppings, feces, debris or call it whatever you like too.

To be continued...

Bless you all,
Lora Ricardo
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