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Pigeon Proofing

Did you ever think about the real significance of pigeon proofing when trying to get rid of pigeons for good? Any bird control management process requires a certain time frame. Patience is also necessary. You have to understand and get through the method that you are about to use. Special inspectors from wildlife control companies might be assigned to perform a special inspection of your house and look for things that make pigeons choose your attic and your neighbor's. Plenty of other different issues are to be discussed here and in case you hire professionals to deal with your pigeon problems you have to let them do their work as they know it is better. The best proofing of pigeons is done when you are sure that the method you are about to apply will have a certain effect, will provide the results that you are seeking for.

Never underestimate a certain way of proofing pigeons until you are sure that it doesn't work. We had the opportunity to deal with different various methods used with maximum success when exterminating pigeons but this didn't last for a very long time. We are once again talking about short term ways to keep pigeons away from your property. Those who are seeking something reliable in the long run should not try using deceptive pigeon repellents because this is not going to last longer even if you want it too. Many different options are available for pigeon proofing and management and our main goal is to let you folks know that if you are new to all this you should definitely start looking for methods that are about to teach you and you are about to learn from them non violent methods of pigeon eradication and control.

We already see your faces while the majority of you ask how is possible to proof pigeons without simply making them dissapear by... you know ... killing them? Using strong and toxic pigeon repellents? Trying to catch them by hunting all of them down and many other cruel solutions for problem birds. While these above specified methods are extremely efficient you don't need them. We said it before and we are about to repeat it once again. You have to make sure that you don't harm birds when trying to get rid of them. If you are smart (a smart home owner knowing how to deal with various home improvement issues, we are not talking about our general IQ level in here), the problems caused by their presence on or near your property can be easily solved using very cheap, non agressive and interesting methods that we are about to discuss about on this site.

You probably had the opportunity to hear about pigeon spikes and how these work. Either way, you aren't sure if this is the method that you want to use for your entire life. You can't simply get accustomed with the idea that actually these spikes are going to stay fixed there near your windows, walls, attics and roof. But hey, don't worry because you won't even notice them. It has been proven to be so. Most of the companies that produce pigeon spikes already know about this problem and are doing everything possible to make those spikes look much more natural and basically blend with the surrounding environment. If you want these to be quite effective not only because they represent an actual physical and impossible to penetrate barrier but also because these are inviseble to humans then it means that we made ourselves understood. This is what everyone has been looking about for a while in here - efficient pigeon spikes that blend with the medium and represent a "terrible" problem for all those existing pest birds (pigeons) in your area.

How to Proof Pigeons?

Unlike many other people out there that are just trying to promote as many efficient pigeon control methods (read products) we basically insist on things that are first of all efficient, cheap and provide some decent help in the long run. Short time results are not what we are looking for, especially when helping people and our loyal readers on this blog. Proofing pigeons shouldn't stand out as a complicated process. There are plenty of methods that one can use to obtain good results. However, sometimes it is just as efficient to think about (yes once again folks) spikes for pigeon extermination as the ultimate options against pigeons. Please don't think that if we always tend to use the syntagm "anti pigeon" we are totally against them from all possible view points. We just realize, acknowledge and understand that sometimes it is just a matter of time and luck.

We had a lot of readers in the past (before we started this blog we used to publish pigeon control help articles for different directories and guest articles for different famous websites) that either had or didn't have any results at all during their first attempt to proof pigeons away. It is interesting to read those so called testimonials of success and failure because most of the people out there are still doing what they have been doing and they already forget how a pigeon looks like (literaly). However, others are in a never ending fight with everything and everyone when it comes to problem or pest birds - the famous pigeons. They can't simply understand that having a positive attitude is definitely important even when solving your home improvement pest control problems. It is something that you have to pay close attention. No matter how many failures you are about to experience, think positively because you'll get more pigeon control experience.

Pigeon proofing is nothing more or less than trying to get rid of pigeons. Now you have a few good techniques of pigeon removal that can be easily implemented without much knowledge because everything you need was, is and will be exposed, totally for free, on this blog. You can still use many different products that are intesively promoted by all those out there trying to make a buck and indirectly force you try the latest discoveries. However, there is a certain type of naked truth that states that most of the things that an individual (in this case a honest homeowner) can take advantage off are free. Just like the information provided at U.S Environmental Protection Agency - great quality content and articles, everything that one wants to know is at their disposal, without charging a penny. So what's the point of asking monies from you guys if all this kind of information was reached by us also for free? Absolutely no point. The proofing of pigeons and other trouble bringing birds can be done without wasting a lot of time and money (energy maybe yes).

Is Pigeon Proofing a Reliable Solution?

We would like to make this clear once and for all. You cannot claim that there is only one certain method that provides the best results ever in terms of pigeon control. Even the brutal and non human methods like the eradication of pigeons that we talked about so many times before seems to no bring the expected efficiency everytime you want it. So if you are one of those people that believe that pigeon proofing is a secret methods than you are wrong. It refers to the methods and techniques that can be used by a citizen, a certain individual or just a homeowner or even a professional pest contractor in order to get rid of pigeons. So when someone is checking of pigeon proofing is a reliable solution than have to say yeah it is - in case you know what you are doing. Otherwise it is just a waste of your precious time. Nothing more, nothing less.

At Pigeon Pest Controls for Beginners (this site) we want to provide quality first of all. People are looking for how to get rid of pigeons, they want to know more about non toxic and less dangerous pigeon control solutions. We are here to help, we are here to offer what everyone has been looking for such a long time now. Having a resource that explains everything from A to Z (and that's all the stuff, techniques and methods related to pigeon control) was something that we have been looking for when we had to deal with certain pigeon removal issues. We had to compile a lot of information from hundreds of resources in order to understand what methods really work and what do not provide at least what their creators claim to. So when talking about pigeon control - just say thanks that we exist and provide such tips and secrets for you guys.

Now let's get back to pigeon proofing. As an instant reminder we would like to show you people that you all should start thinking out side of the box, otherwise you are simply doomed to follow the mistakes of others. Roosting pigeons represent a big problem for the most homeowners out there and everyone is definitely going to look for ways to get rid of them, first of all because of the dirt they produce. It is something inevitable.

Is there a way to get rid of pigeons fast? Yep but you need skills!

Is pigeon proofing efficiently as a long term solution? It depends on the method you use! Pigeon proofing is not a method itself!

Whom should I contact in case I don't want to get rid of problem birds on my own? Pigeon exterminators baby...

Once again - have mercy when dealing with pigeons and good luck in your proofing efforts :)

Bless you all,
Lora Ricardo
Pigeon Pest Control for Beginners
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