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The Effectiveness of Avitrol as a Chemical for Bird Pest Control

There is absolutely no doubt that the drug Avitrol has become a widely patronised product because of its efficacy in the treatment of pests among birds. It has the power to offer a solution that makes use of a bird’s natural behaviour in order to reduce or eliminate the existence of pests. This is an acute oral toxicant that would go straight to the central nervous system of the bird. It would then make the bird display some behaviour that imitates the fright response and this would frighten away the rest of your flock. Some of these birds are house sparrows, starlings, grackles, cowbirds, crows and blackbirds.

In order to make the drug work very well, there is the need to properly pre-bait and bait it. You would have to read all the requirements and directions as specified on the label of the drug. Even before you ever start to use the Avitrol there should be a prior understudying of the situation in order to evaluate the factors that would affect the administration of the drug. These include the logical places and times for feeding, foods already available to the birds, approximate flight patterns and whether the birds are resident or migratory.

When it comes to the pre-baiting part of the exercise, some of the crucial things that have to be done are to get the group used to feeding on the bait that is chosen. After a number of days of experience involved in feeding the flocks, they would consider the site not to be safe and would thus leave the place. This is indeed one of the best ways to determine the feeding or baiting sites before using the Avitrol baits that has been treated.

Just like the pre-baiting baiting is done best during sunrise. This is the time of the day when their metabolism rate is at the peak and therefore they would easily succumb to the Avitrol grain that is treated. When a dose is sub-dangerous, they would experience a recover phase which could be between four to five hours. When it is lethal, death of the birds would follow an hour after administration of the drug. Those birds that survive would not display any lasting effects. It is always good that one follows all the necessary guidelines on the label to ensure an effective administration.

When it comes to pigeons, the Avitrol is very effective on them. For the baiting, let 100 pigeons consume about 8 pounds of the grain each day. This would then assist you to know the amount needed for baiting and pre-baiting. For the control of the pigeons in urban areas, it is not desirable to have excessive bird mortality. In order to have the minimum of mortalities, the bait should be mixed with untreated grain of the same opposition as the Avitrol carrier. There should be the usage of trays nearly two or four feet with sides measuring one inch. The trays must be put in areas that are very accessible and visible to the pigeons.

It is important to note that the reacting or dead birds in the public areas could be very alarming to those who pass. Therefore it is important that one is able to collect and throw away any of the dead birds on a regular basis. This is especially the case when there would be unpleasant reaction from the public to this. Just like it has been clearly spelt out on the label, therefore when you are using Avitrol, ensure that take out the dead birds and throw them away by means of incineration or burial.

Especially for pigeon control, there is the need to do the clean-up and baiting work on days that follow till the population that is targeted does not come back to the area that is treated. After some initial treatment time, when the results appear to be very effective, the applications for the baiting can be done less regularly. In order to prevent any reaction from the public which is adverse, you would have to wait for a number of days before re-baiting. When this happens, then you would have to pre-bait before you do the re-baiting for it to be effective.

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Lora Ricardo
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